Friday, February 3, 2012

Schaeffer Crit Training

One day while riding with a group I kept hearing this same thing from many in the group, "I have family things, I can not get out and ride, my training is suffering".  I..... can not... WHAT? You can get out and train and it may be closer to your front door than you know. I am constantly thinking of ways to make what we perceive as difficult to something that is easy. Let Power Team Coaching develop a training plan specifically for you and your friends.

I call this interval training The Schaeffer Crit. A crit interval right in front yard of a Racer/clients house. Yes step out and roll. When the weather gets nicer and the time changes his family can set in the front yard and cheer the group on. Hey we can practice feed Zone![just thought of this] Last night Thursday Feb 2nd with lights on a small group gathered and rolled this vision. A .68mile loop that has some very specific conditions to the training set. Some Active recovery, followed by full out sprint with an upward sloping block we do standing. The ride is done in the small chain ring to keep the speeds down! Yes it is a neighborhood! Here is the data from my data port.
TWO warm up lap 2.12, 1.59 and TWO cool down laps, 2.48, 2.45 total laps 16 laps. Here is the interval training times. 1.49, 1.48, 1.51, 1.50, 1.50, 1.55, 1.56, 1.56, 1.52, 1.50, 1.51, 1.58, My average HR was 151 and my Max was 167. Average speed was 20.24 
Ha I lead the warm up laps and the first two intervals laps! LOL! I lead other's as well. Each week we will build more laps and time to get  this up to a 40-45 min interval session.
What am I feeling today? GREAT! The legs are a bit sore where I had expected them to be but not as sore as I thought I would be. I was really ready to get my hill ride in today so I am disappointed the weather man actually got the rain prediction correct. Pain Cave it is with a ride on Saturday morning, the ride I was to do today.

Hope you are Reaching your Goals!

Coach Ruder

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