Friday, June 27, 2014

The Kansas Velodrome! Yes a Velodrome in Kansas

Something I've wanted to do for a few years was to try my hand at track racing. I first saw the Kansas Velodrome (a grass track) at a Cyclocross event several years ago out a Joules CX. You know the place out by Lawrence, Kansas. Well I and my youngest son rolled out to visit Mark Thomas and the LocalCycling crew for a clinic. I was presented a loaner bike owned by the Kansas Velodrome Association. I added the Association for an official sound I'm not sure that is accurate but I like it. I received a few brief things important about the track bicycle ah, it is a fixed gear and you have not brakes and you should not stop peddling or it will or could hurt! Ha well that is true.
Mark took me around and explained all the aspects of the track. Where you can ride, how you are to ride in those areas and the purpose. I was allowed to ride around the track to get a good feel for of the bicycle and the track. Like many other cycling sports Safety track etiquette, tire pressure and bicycle set up are important. If you want to find out more about the Kansas Velodrome come on out to a clinic where you will get instructions on all the aspects of safety and track etiquette. Want to learn the history or more got to
Here are a few shots. By the way Track practice on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Need a loaner want to just try like me? Contact LocalCycling via

See you at the track racers.
Coach Ruder

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lone Elm MTB Short Track

All things new start off a bit slow but those who have been participating know the FUN you are not enjoying! I have been training on the MTB and Cyclocross bike out here at the Lone Elm Park for a few years. Nice secluded park low traffic (NONE) so while training this winter I thought this would be the perfect place to hold a MTB Short track event. Nice well bedded in gravel path that can sustain heavy traffic in all weather conditions. A vast area of grassy sections that the local high Schools run Cross country gave this area the perfect place to hold an event. With a sick mind for FUN I figured I could hold an event and not race/ride the same exact path each time. So far that is true. This past week June 18th I used the grassy infield in the likelihood more spectators would be there as in the past would give them just a bit more time to cheer there favorite rider on. With two sessions remaining and several MTB events coming up this is the perfect mid week tune up. July 2nd will have some fast flattish stretches with a nice hill climb to get you ready for Masons MidSummer Meltdown July 6th.

The final two days are July 2nd and July 16th.
Here are the results from the past 4 weeks.

See you at the races!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wet but fun Skills Clinic

We did it! That sums up the great attitudes from the participants in the June 7th skills clinic. What seemed like the perfect storm for a rain out became the prime example of perseverance, determination and with out any doubt FUN! It was raining the morning of the clinic. Non the less rain or shine we can and will ride. As I set up base camp the lighting was tapering off and I could see per weather radar the threatening weather was gone. WHEW! We can ride. After gathering all the participants we had a little chat under the tent while a good burst of rain fell. After explaining the day and the expectations I gave all the option to ride or not, but I for sure was ready and so where they. I only took a few photos due to the rain.

The age range was 12-71. Tell me cycling is not for the young and older together. I know many people think I can or have been riding a bicycle for a long time and I know how to ride safely! Trust me I thought the same thing until I went through the clinic. The skills you learn in the basics is the starting line to the advanced skills that can come in handy on any solo or group ride. You will not only learn how to ride safely but how to avoid the possible accident which can ruin anyone's ride. One more basic clinic this summer July 27th. For you advanced riders the advanced clinic is July 13th. To participate in the advanced clinic you should know how to ride in a straight line, ride in your drops, how to avoid obstacles, how to look back and see what is behind you while riding a straight line.
Hope to ride with all of you sometime soon. Check out the SPIN! Pizza rides as we learn how to ride in a group and hopefully bring back the True nature of the Group ride!
Nice e-mail form two of the attendees.
Hi Michael,
Despite the rain Carla and I both got a lot out of your clinic this past Saturday. We rode Sunday and the gear shifting/hill technique finally clicked in for her!  Even after 6 years of self-taught riding you showed me some great stuff not to mention the need to change some bad habits. Even with the $10 USAC day fee the clinic was a bargain! Highly recommend to anyone.

Best regards, Jim 


I want to say "Thanks" for the instruction Saturday.  I think the information shared will be quite useful as I continue to develop as a cyclist.  I look forward to attending your advanced class in July at which time I would like to discuss other steps I might take to reach my potential as a rider.

Thanks again,

Catch you rolling on the Road:
Coach Ruder