Saturday, February 11, 2012

PTC Heading To Texas!

PTC is heading to Texas in a few weeks for an outstanding USAC Clinic.
I will once again have the pleasure of working with and being coached by Coach Mike Heitz. veloheitz
Prepare Kansas City for outstanding  USAC Clinics to actually be held here and in the surrounding cities in what we call the Mid-West. It may be nice to travel to other city's but how cool will it be to show case our area of the cycling community.
Clinics will soon be held for all levels from the racer, recreational rider, promoters, juniors, coaches and the true beginner.
More details to come as more information is made available.

I am so excited to make this part of PTC'ing credentials. If you want to be fit, be stronger, be super fit, be mentally prepared for recreational and race day activities, you need to look to PTC to fill your needs.
I am dedicated to you and the cycling committee to continue my education and training to be the best for you!

Safe riding Coach Ruder

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