Saturday, August 16, 2014

Workout Cliche, Change it UP!

(Cliche) Doing the same thing expecting a different result!
The old cliche stands even today for most people trying to reach a fitness goal. "I started off with a BANG and now I am not seeing results" "I want more but I can not seem to see any of the changes I thought I would".
All comes down to (Cliche) Doing the same thing expecting a different result, and getting the same or moving backwards. So, change it! Seems simple enough but if you use an online program cause it was FREE, well you get what you paid for. Or you once had a coach and now you are trying to use the old plan but different goals! What your program is lacking is creativity and type of work load to rest and then to load patterns called Periodization!. What is that? Here is the best definition I could find----
Periodization is the Systematic planning of athletic or physical training. _ The aim is to reach the best possible performance for the most important competition of the year. _ It involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period. Conditioning programs can use periodization to break up the training program into an off-season, preseason, in-season and a postseason.  Periodization divides the year round condition program into phases of training which focus on different goals.
I tell my water aerobics class mostly older adults to change one thing in there routine, just one thing. You can choose but not the most challenging item. What can I change if I have limited time? How about take one day's workout totally out and replace it with something different! Adds a bit of FUN and adventure. Stimulates the mind and makes the next workout feel refreshing. Here is your chance to make a change. PTC will be holding EARLY morning workouts outside 5:00am MWF Corner of BlackBob and 143rd street in Olathe. WE start promptly weather permitting.

Cost breakdown:
First visit $5
Daily cost:
$10 a visit. so 10 visits is $100

Get a Power Pass!
Get a 5 visit Power Pass card for $45
Get a 10 visit Power Pass card for $80 Two FREE Sessions

Come as often as you like. Easy deal.
Like what I have to offer. Let PTCoaching take your FREE plan and build a plan that works better for YOU!

Power Camp
Things to bring on a daily visit
1.      Open mind
2.      Work out shoes
3.      Water bottle
4.      Hand towel, towel to lay on, yoga mat (your choice)
5.      1,2 or 3 lb hand weight your choice.
6.      Long sleeved shirt or lite jacket.

Optional items to bring
7.      Gloves such as an inexpensive cycling glove or weight glove.
8.      Hat, hairband to keep hair and sweat out of face
9.      Head lamp

Meeting location
The new Olathe Technology Support Center Parking lot, 14250 Black Bob Road Olathe, KS 66062
Please park in the most western part of the lot.
We start at 5:00am sharp. Classes will be 50-60 minutes.
Arrive 10 min early to be on time.

You must sign a waiver the first day you come to class and then sign in each day you attend class.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Black Bob Cyclocross Clinic

It is that time of year to get yourself ready for my favorite bicycle racing discipline, Cyclocross.
With the Kansas race calendar, bordering states flock to events and other cycling events throughout the months it is becoming harder to hold clinics on weekend. This year I am hosting a two day mid-week CX clinic, August 20th and 27th. Back to my training ground Black Bob Park in Olathe with a few new features I am putting together for added challenge and skill learning. Get yourself ready for the CX season and go to a skills clinic. If your goals in CX are wanting to get closer to the podium skills and drills will help you more than overall fitness. Not that fitness is not part of it. If you and I are of the same fitness level and I can go around corners, hope barriers and get back up to speed faster who is in the front? July and I start my skills and drills now following a good MTB season so I can stay close to the front.
Come see what it is all about. The Black Bob clinic is limited per request of the Olathe Parks and Recreation so get registered now before time runs out.

A few photos from last years event

Skills, Drills and more Skills and Drills

Success is not determined with the winning of a race for all. Some of us Success is accomplishing something we have never tried before. That is what happened this year and at every skills clinic I have taught. Not that I am the best teacher but with the correct tools and state of mind with proper encouragement you! will and can be successful. What some will think is so simple others find frighting. Take for instance all you bike riders, drinking from our water bottle, standing out of the saddle or just riding in close proximity to another rider. It takes skill and self confidence to do all of these things. One this past weekend did all of these things and more. How cool is that!
Here are a few shots of the clinic. I will be hosting more in 2015 so be on the lookout. The clinics are even for you experienced riders who want to be a BETTER cyclist and it will make you better.


What is next for Power Team Coaching! Cyclocross season and more clinics
See you on the Bicycle.
Coach Ruder

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Kansas Velodrome! Yes a Velodrome in Kansas

Something I've wanted to do for a few years was to try my hand at track racing. I first saw the Kansas Velodrome (a grass track) at a Cyclocross event several years ago out a Joules CX. You know the place out by Lawrence, Kansas. Well I and my youngest son rolled out to visit Mark Thomas and the LocalCycling crew for a clinic. I was presented a loaner bike owned by the Kansas Velodrome Association. I added the Association for an official sound I'm not sure that is accurate but I like it. I received a few brief things important about the track bicycle ah, it is a fixed gear and you have not brakes and you should not stop peddling or it will or could hurt! Ha well that is true.
Mark took me around and explained all the aspects of the track. Where you can ride, how you are to ride in those areas and the purpose. I was allowed to ride around the track to get a good feel for of the bicycle and the track. Like many other cycling sports Safety track etiquette, tire pressure and bicycle set up are important. If you want to find out more about the Kansas Velodrome come on out to a clinic where you will get instructions on all the aspects of safety and track etiquette. Want to learn the history or more got to
Here are a few shots. By the way Track practice on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Need a loaner want to just try like me? Contact LocalCycling via

See you at the track racers.
Coach Ruder

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lone Elm MTB Short Track

All things new start off a bit slow but those who have been participating know the FUN you are not enjoying! I have been training on the MTB and Cyclocross bike out here at the Lone Elm Park for a few years. Nice secluded park low traffic (NONE) so while training this winter I thought this would be the perfect place to hold a MTB Short track event. Nice well bedded in gravel path that can sustain heavy traffic in all weather conditions. A vast area of grassy sections that the local high Schools run Cross country gave this area the perfect place to hold an event. With a sick mind for FUN I figured I could hold an event and not race/ride the same exact path each time. So far that is true. This past week June 18th I used the grassy infield in the likelihood more spectators would be there as in the past would give them just a bit more time to cheer there favorite rider on. With two sessions remaining and several MTB events coming up this is the perfect mid week tune up. July 2nd will have some fast flattish stretches with a nice hill climb to get you ready for Masons MidSummer Meltdown July 6th.

The final two days are July 2nd and July 16th.
Here are the results from the past 4 weeks.

See you at the races!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wet but fun Skills Clinic

We did it! That sums up the great attitudes from the participants in the June 7th skills clinic. What seemed like the perfect storm for a rain out became the prime example of perseverance, determination and with out any doubt FUN! It was raining the morning of the clinic. Non the less rain or shine we can and will ride. As I set up base camp the lighting was tapering off and I could see per weather radar the threatening weather was gone. WHEW! We can ride. After gathering all the participants we had a little chat under the tent while a good burst of rain fell. After explaining the day and the expectations I gave all the option to ride or not, but I for sure was ready and so where they. I only took a few photos due to the rain.

The age range was 12-71. Tell me cycling is not for the young and older together. I know many people think I can or have been riding a bicycle for a long time and I know how to ride safely! Trust me I thought the same thing until I went through the clinic. The skills you learn in the basics is the starting line to the advanced skills that can come in handy on any solo or group ride. You will not only learn how to ride safely but how to avoid the possible accident which can ruin anyone's ride. One more basic clinic this summer July 27th. For you advanced riders the advanced clinic is July 13th. To participate in the advanced clinic you should know how to ride in a straight line, ride in your drops, how to avoid obstacles, how to look back and see what is behind you while riding a straight line.
Hope to ride with all of you sometime soon. Check out the SPIN! Pizza rides as we learn how to ride in a group and hopefully bring back the True nature of the Group ride!
Nice e-mail form two of the attendees.
Hi Michael,
Despite the rain Carla and I both got a lot out of your clinic this past Saturday. We rode Sunday and the gear shifting/hill technique finally clicked in for her!  Even after 6 years of self-taught riding you showed me some great stuff not to mention the need to change some bad habits. Even with the $10 USAC day fee the clinic was a bargain! Highly recommend to anyone.

Best regards, Jim 


I want to say "Thanks" for the instruction Saturday.  I think the information shared will be quite useful as I continue to develop as a cyclist.  I look forward to attending your advanced class in July at which time I would like to discuss other steps I might take to reach my potential as a rider.

Thanks again,

Catch you rolling on the Road:
Coach Ruder

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Time to get stronger! Come train with PTCoach Ruder

It is time to get serious about my goals. Want to see, roll, experience what Power Team Coaching can bring for you? Come and roll with me on part of my personal training program. All you need to do is show up. Want more lets talk. call or text 913-523-3696

Here we go READY GO!
Starting in May every-other Wednesday night I/we will do the Lone Elm Short track series.
Meets every-other Wednesday starting May 7th. Register today for Lone Elm Please read flyer for start times. Click the hyper-link above.
The other Wednesdays we will do the Bates City BBQ Hill ride starting May 14th. ride starts promptly at 6:30pm, late you are chasing!

Starting in May every-other Thursday night we will do the SPIN! Pizza Road ride from the Lenexa SPIN! Pizza Location, starting May 8th. Not your roll through the park ride!
The other Thursdays we will ride the SPIN! Pizza MTB ride at Shawnee Mission Park starting May 15th. Both rides start staging at 6:00pm we roll at 6:30pm promptly.

Put this into your training calendar today!
Wednesday May 7th, 21st, June 4th, 18th, July 2nd, 16th Lone Elm Short track MTB series
Thursday May 8th, 22nd June 5th, 19th, July 3rd, 17th Road ride from the Lenexa SPIN! Pizza Location,

Wednesday May 14th, 28th, June 11th, 25th, July 9th, 23rd Bates City BBQ Hill ride
Thursday May 15th, 29th, June 12th, 26th, July 10th, 24th  SPIN! Pizza MTB ride at Shawnee Mission Park.
One day is MTB and the other is Road bike.
Can not make them all but want to get started come when you can. Want to reach your goals get with me soon before your off the back.

Want a faster, relaxed casual or a recovery ride? Also starting in May! Monday's Join me GripNRip and GO! Racing as we kick off Cinco de mayo May 5th with the Opening day of the SPIN! Pizza Rides from the Overland Park location. May 5th. Every Monday we will be there having a great time riding our bikes and enjoying all the goodies from SPIN! Pizza.

I hope I will be rolling with YOU soon.
Until we meet on the road.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

To Test or not to Test?

In recent weeks a buzz about instituting drug testing at the local level of cycling events has created a petition and the sale of a T-shirt all to show support for testing in our area. First I agree testing can be a good thing. Some of the issues with said testing is the cost associated. Many feel the cost should not be part of the discussion but in reality it is. Based on the figures we know it costs:

  1. $1,750 USADA would show up to one race and test 3 participants.
  2. $3,500 USADA would show up to two different races and test 3 participants at each race.
Ill do a little math for you. for the 6 people who would be tested it costs YOU and me $583.3333333, yes to test those 6 people. That is just the test. Based on the rules associated with testing the promoter must provide the appropriate area for the test to be conducted. No actual figures for this but an added expense. 
So where do we go from here. If we are going to test we should test them all right. Who do you exclude? 

We all want to see our sport grow in our local community, I know I do. Get a thousand signatures on the petition being cycled around. I signed it. Those thousand donate $3.00 and lets start a program to get more people on bikes and racing. Sell a thousand t-shirts at $20! Ask the local guys who are trying to keep programs alive what $3500 will buy. Want to build a trail? Want to have better race venues and events? Over a period of 5 years to test 30 people that would amount to $17,500! And that is if the costs do not go up. Want to know what can be accomplished with that? I have a few ideas and we would all be better off than trying to chase down those who chose to cheat.

I know many will not agree and that is OK. I know I will catch some smack and that is OK! I like to ride all my bicycles in many different environments and the first is to have FUN and share my passion for the sport.

I hope to see you or ride with you soon!
Coach Ruder

Friday, March 28, 2014

Ride like you own your space!

Registration is open for all Skills Clinics. The skills clinics have helped many people become more comfortable with their bike and riding in groups. There are many things we can learn about ourselves and our bike while on the bike. Clinics are limited to 16 on-line registration only due to limited slots.
Here are a few photos of  last years events.
Tire Sweep
Two by Two

Emergency Braking

Turning fun drill
The Advanced skills class will be even more fun with a greater appreciation of the skills you will learn and hopefully the skills other riders in your group ride have. All of these skills help YOU be safer and more confident every time you ride.
Jonathan a regular SPIN! Pizza ride attendee had this to say last year after a near tragic crash, " I saw the situation coming so I remembered what Michael had taught us and put the skills to use. With out the knowledge and skills I learned there would have been a terrible crash."
You just never know when the skills learned will come out but the confidence knowing you can be a better rider is painless!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 Skills Clinic are here!

Get ready to learn more about your self and your bike by attending a Beginner skill clinic. For the people who have been waiting for the Advanced skills clinic I am holding two this summer. Classes are limited to the first 16. On-line registration only. Permits should be final in the next day or two and registration will be open. Are you a CAT 5 looking for USAC up-grade races. Earn up-grade races while attending any of the events listed below.
Below are samples of the flyers for Beginner and the Advanced Camps

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Something New!

Well cycling fans I've done it. Stepped off the edge to see how event promoting will be. This is something I've looked into for many years. Many of you know I have asked many questions and with your help I am here today. Power Team Coaching and Grip N Rip Racing are hosting an event. So here it is. I need to train and so do you. Bring your family and join me and many of your friends and maybe make a few new friends for the (click link->) Lone Elm MTB Short Track Training Series. A six week training series every other week starting in May. Trying to keep it fresh so you will be wanting that action, I know you will. Register Now!

As the flier says you can register on-line now and save some money. You can wait for the first day of the clinic and also save some money by registering for the entire series. Pretty simple, get in early, catch the worm and have some fun. There will be a different course each week, guaranteed to test everyone and get the workout we want and learn some new skills. There are lots of good things about this and one is you get to race twice for the same $. It is training so the last event of the evening is open to all Categories that have registered for a Category race either CAT 1, 2, or 3. I know you will stick around for one more round. I hope this will be the beginning of many new events to come.
See you at the races!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year! The same YOU! Will it?

Like many of you on New Years day, hanging out looking at Face Book, twitter or what ever you keep in touch with others in your life. People are looking at new fitness resolutions or looking back at what was to be in 2013 that for some reason or another it just did not work out like one planned.
Some of us are still working on goals we set late in 2013 that we know will not materialize until mid 2014. Are you one of those? I am!
If you are setting new years resolutions are you setting realistic resolutions? Are you challenging yourself or not enough. In 2013 if you did not reach your goal have you looked to what got in your way? If it was an injury what happened? Was it over-training, an accident, or just did not have the right time planed to make it. If you can answer those questions you are already a-step ahead. You have focused on the walls you need to climb or walls to avoid! If you can not answer those questions do you know how to overcome the issues you faced in 2013.

In 2014 you (I) want to be ______________________. How will you get there? "Michael all I want to do is walk around my block. Run/walk a 5k. Ride 200k."
Power Team Coaching will build a plan for YOU! Want to find out what we can achieve together? Contact me for a training session of your choice. Running, Swimming, Cycling or fitness. Want a friend or two to join you I will arrange it. Want to join me on one of my personal training sessions? Contact me we will discuss! Call or TEXT:9135233696

I am a racing Coach. I know what it takes to be in the front and I know what it is like to be in the back. I must work hard to reach my goals and if you know me my goals are HI! I have a family, career and a background in Ultra Trail racing, long distance cycling, long distance swimming or just being fit for daily life. I can help you stay healthy and fit while planning around the other items that are important in our lives.
I too had my issues in 2013, but I also had good times. All things that have made me stronger and eager to get back in the game. What game do you want to play in 2014!

Below are a few shots of my year in review! Try something new in the new year. If what you did last year was the same as the year before make the change. Take on a new Challenge. READY!!!! GO! READY! GO!

Had to boot a tire
Broken shifter

Dirty Little Secret Kansas State MtB Chamoionship
Down N Dirty MtB Race
Team GripNRip in August 2013. We have grown!

Tough day training broken derailleur, Jogged home
Down N Dirty Pay off!

Masons MidSummer Meltdown

3 min race at Rhetts Run

2nd age group 16th overall!

GripNRip MtB 

GripNRip Road Team ride