Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Are you a PRO?

Once in awhile I read some compelling articles and this one caught my eye. It has a great way of informing you just how one, anyone can commit to being world class, the best they can be. Practice, devotion, relentless commitment. Do you have the devotion to be your best? Will you practice/train/go all in to reach your goal? Now is the time to look at your current goals, get a plan and work toward that goal. I can develop a plan for you. Are you ready? Power Team Coaching can help you bring out the PRO in you. Run, Swim or Cycling lets team up and work toward that GOAL!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Black Bob Cyclocross Clinic 2013

What a perfect day to have a CX clinic. Many thanks to the Olathe Parks and Recreation for the use of a wonderful park. Temps in the morning where 65 and rolled into the 80s but we had shade and lots of other things to do.
Here are a few photos of the day.




Look for next season 2014 CX Black Bob will be back.
Have a GREAT CX season! See you on the GRID!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Black Bob Cyclocross Clinic August 18th 2013

It is that time of year when Cyclocross is the reason for the change of season. Power Team Coaching has secured a great opportunity with Olathe Parks and Recreation to bring a new venue to the for front for Cyclocross training and possibly a racing event! Join me in a comprehensive learning environment in a relaxed! FUN! way to get your Cross on. In addition to learning and having some fun if you are a licences USAC rider you will earn upgrade races for CAT 5 and point for CAT 4-3

1E2. Road Upgrades
(a) Guidelines and Notes by Category:
5-4: Finish 10 massed-start races.
4-3: (1) 20 points; or,
(2) experience in 25 qualifying races with a minimum
of 10 top ten finishes with fields of 30 riders+; or,
(3) 20 pack finishes with fields over 50.
30 points in 12 months is a mandatory* upgrade.
USAC-sanctioned rider Camps and Clinics that are
approved by the Local Associations for upgrading will
count a maximum of 3 upgrade points when upgrading
from category 4 to category 3.

(c) USA Cycling sanctioned and approved rider education
clinics (at least half day), will count as three qualifying races
for category 5 to 4 upgrades up to a maximum of 5 qualifying
races. It will also count as 3 upgrade points for a category 4
to 3 upgrade.
Black Bob Cyclocross Clinic Information
Black Bob On-line Registration

Do not delay and register today! Limited space to accommodate Park Regulations.
Hope to CX with you very soon!

Coach Ruder

Past Three Weeks of Skills Clinics!!!

I know I have not written about anything for months! Busy time of year with SPIN! Pizza rides, clients, clinics and well a little bit of racing.
OK, Skills Clinic are in the books and what a blast I had teaching and I heard all had a good time and learned more than they thought they would. Happy I could spread my knowledge of the bike on to other riders. Three weekends in a row has kept me on my toes and well has helped me refine my skills as a bicycle handler.

Here are a few photos of the past three weekends.


I want to thank all who where involved in the Clinics. They are FUN! Look for new Clinics for the Spring to be announced. Advanced clinics will the on top of the list with a few specialty clinics.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Power Team Coaching USA Cycling Skills Clinics

Registration is OPEN for the On Bike Skill Clinics on USA Cycling. Register NOW!  If you are new to cycling and are just not sure about your overall riding skill this is the clinic for you. I like to challenge myself and my clients and this Skills clinics will help you toward that goal and give you the confidence to ride with others and maybe ride the  KC Century  Held on August 24th 2013. I Ride 4.....  If you are interested in taking an I Ride 4.... Photo we can during the clinic. Just maybe we can shoot a short film!

Please join me for a fun learning experience as we explore all the things you thought you knew about yourself and your bike. We will ride some and find out just how simple it is to do general repairs on your bicycle.

I look forward to this years clinic and look forward to teaching and riding with YOU!

I Ride 4......YOU!


Friday, May 31, 2013

On Bike Skills Clinics for 2013!

Wow what a busy year it has been. I finally found some time to set in my office and set up the Skills Clinics and get them into USA Cycling and now to send them out to you. This year I will offer a Ladies only clinic! Please spread the word about the clinics. They are sure to be memorable and a great learning environment for all.
Registration will open for all clinics June 10th.
Here is the link to USAC. Skills Clinic Info
For now you can view the Flyers and if you have any questions please let me know.

A few pics from 2012

Look for more information about sponsors and support for these clinics and Cyclocross Clinics coming to the south part of the Metro.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A book Review- Your Brain On A Bike

Good day all. Yes I do read!!! I first want to thank fellow USAC Coach John Brent Pye for asking me to read and review his book Your Brian On A Bike. John sorry it took me so long to get this out.
Brent Pye .com
Your-Brain-On-A-Bike On Face Book

Ok enough of the listings on how to get your hands on this book. Like many of us coaches out there we tell our athletes loads of things on how to prepare for an event or a serious of events to a year of events all to have them ask us repeatedly  What was that you wanted me to do Coach.

With training, racing, get through that first 50 mile ride or it is time to get the Century ride checked off the list, here all written in a nice easy read book on how to stay positive and motivated to achieve your goals no matter at what level you are.

From the opening lines and statements I could here me saying many of these things to my athletes. This flowing book transcends those little saying we tell time after time. "Be positive". "Are you in the correct GEAR for training"? "Racing:? for "FUN"? While this book takes you through the four Obstacles Gravity, speed, distance and time, all the way to your thoughts while winning each obstacle one at a time.

Each chapter is well formulated to give you the facts and beliefs about how to mentally prepare or be prepared to tackle the next challenge.
Need that positive reinforcement? Want to be positive about your goals? What to train in a positive light? Get and read this book.
I really enjoyed the personal touch Coach Pye puts into each segment that really brought all his POSITIVE, MOTIVATIONAL thought home.

Once you are finished and you are ready for an inspired COACH to help you be mentally tough give me a shout!

I hope to roll with you on the road or dirt soon!
Coach Ruder

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stress!!! Good or Bad?

Stress is defined as an organism's total response to an environmental condition or stimulus, also known as a stressor. Stress typically describes a negative condition that can have an impact on an organism's mental and physical well-being.

I as a professional in the fitness industry one needs to take into consideration the clients needs not only in the psychical but the mental. When consulting with individuals one must ask questions to better understand all the elements of ones life in order to create a program that will allow them success. 
Work type and load,  Family life and dynamics, Extra curricular activities, FREE TIME. The list adds stress to our lives in ways we do not understand until we start to feel the pressure of it all falling down on us. What do we do form here? Sometimes it takes professional help for one to understand just how deep you are in. Sometimes it takes a professional to tell you the hard facts and tell you what you need to do. I to had to have a professional tell me how deep, the hard facts and what it will take to cure!
Here are a few real facts about Stress see up there ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
To much of a good thing can lead to many bad things.
So in fitness and us as high performance machines, we need to take a good look at the stress that is in our lives and find the proper amount to keep us working at our optimal performance {speed}. 
I can tell you by my own experience this past year. Under way to much stress had lead me down the path of sleepless nights, fatigue, apprehension, loss of confidence to just list a few. I hid this from myself for a long time until I decided to do something about it. I knew I needed to clean my plate of many things in my life while trying to streamline my days so I could work toward being stress less! 
I reluctantly eliminated the larger stressor items. Now that I look back plus a week into my personal treatment I can tell you I feel like a new person. I am still busy but I have found a good way to relax and be stress-less.
 The coaching side of me will tell you to be RELENTLESS, PRESERVER, TAKE CONTROL, BE HONEST with yourself and those around you. If those around you do not understand that is fine. It will be about you and the things that really make the most sense.

To end take control now. Be honest. Talk about it. Change what is needed. Be a new you.

Coach Ruder