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Seven days before the first Criterium of the Kansas Road Racing session begins. So what are you doing now to get ready for your season. Here is a bit of what I do for my self and Team training,

Friday night 2-17-2012 decided to do the Schaeffer Crit. Yes I generally do this training session on Thursday nights after work but this past Thursday I forgot my shoes. Yes my wife called me a dork. I rode on Wednesday morning, got caught in the rain, shoes where still a bit wet, set them on the heater vents, walked out of the house on the phone trying to get to a meeting with GO! Racing and forgot the shoes.

OK back to my thoughts. While I was rolling over to the Schaeffer Crit area My mind a terrible thing to waist said hey can I make this crit loop a bit longer. So now I was destine to check it out. On my warm up I road farther up the one hill and said oh yes this will work well. The group got together I explained my sickness and we rolled it. Oh My was this the kick in the stomach! These guys push it hard anyway but this took even me by surprise. Well I knew it was going to hurt and I was correct.
PTC-Schaeffer Crit- NEW
Honestly on the last long hill Climb when I made the turn I thought I was going to vomit. Could not let Mark go to far off the lead so sucked it up. I think I took him on the last moment on the last sprint to the top of the last incline! These guys help make me better.

If you are interested in seeing what Power Team Coaching can do for you give me a shout. I will get you to a better place than where you are today!

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