Wednesday, March 28, 2012

KCMBC Spring Picnic Ride.

2012 Spring Ride and Picnic Little Blue Trace Trail picnic area (Hwy 78—1 mile west of Hwy 7) 
Date: 22 Apr 2012 10:00 AM CDT 

Road cue sheets and maps are now available:

20 mile    37 mile
 Come join fellow cyclists and our families as we celebrate the continued great  cycling weather.  We will have routes on the road and also on the off-street trails.
KCMBC will host it's 1st annual spring family ride and picnic

Who: Event is open to everyone, but for those of you who are not yet members, why not join right now?  Or ask one of our volunteers at the picnic.

When:  Sunday, April 22

Time: Road Ride starts at 10:00 am with multiple routes available.  The trail ride starts at 10:15.  The pot-luck begins at noon.

Picnic: Potluck with KCMBC providing sandwiches and drinks (no electricity available for crock pots).

WhereLittle Blue Trace Trail picnic area (Hwy 78, 1 mile west of Hwy 7)
How do I get there:  From I-70, take Hwy 7 Exit, go North to Hwy 78 (circle),  go West one mile to picnic area on your right (North) at trail entrance.  OR, from I-70, take Hwy 291 Exit North to 23rd Street (Hwy 78) turn right (East) about 4 miles to the picnic area on your left (North) at trail entrance.

ACTION:  RSVP due by Wednesday, April 18. BYO-lawn chairs
More information and online registration: 2012 Spring Ride and Picnic 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I did IT! USA Cycling Skills Instructor!

Sorry it took me so long to post this note about the last day of my USA Cycling CSI clinic.
I stated a new position at 24 Hour Fitness 12075 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66213

So I have been a bit busy this week.
I am still training and so should you with temperatures we have had this week.
Here are a few photos of some of the people attending the clinic.
The photo to the left we are doing a wheel touching drill.
The idea is not to have this happen but this type of incident can happen on the slowest and low key rides you may attend. The local group ride, charity ride or race. 
The photo to the left is me demonstrating the hip action in preparation for an obstacle avoidance skill.

It is raining out can you tell! We are doing a turning drill down a coned course. We added four more people to the line and it was much fun!

Here we are receiving instruction on a drill. Notice if you had not already we are in a parking garage! Yes rain was a bit more than we would have liked and the temps where not favorable. We did have fun.

I had a great time working with a group of talented coaches and I did leave this clinic as a Certified USA Cycling Skills Instructor. I feel privileged to hold this designation. The bar was set high and Power Team Coaching reached it.
Please look at the side bar videos for a demonstration on the reaction a bike takes with just a slight push, also a cornering skill that can be used in wet conditions, gravel or other non perfect corners.

Until the next time or I see you in the Peloton.

Coach Ruder

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Day one of a 1.5 day clinic was just as expected, Awesome! It is very rewarding to work with a divers group of coaches for any teaching day because we all have a story to tell and some tell your own story better. That is what makes for a GREAT learning environment.
OK but what the heck is with the weather. Forecast for today was spot on. Rain midday throughout the evening. We did not to let a little rain stand in our way to skills teaching and learning. Cool morning and a few sprinkles was good  and manageable. The morning session was built on skills we knew and a reformation of those skills so we can break them down and teach to all levels of cyclist. It is FUN to learn something new about a skill you thought you knew well. Break for Lunch.
Came back from lunch to find a bit of wet pavement! All good and in good spirits we rolled over to the soccer field to do drills in the grass. Bumping, touching, shoulder rubbing, Wheel touching and turning drills. The rain continued so we called it a day and headed back to the class room to debrief and work on class room feedback and teaching assignment for Sunday's session. We are all hopeful the rain will stop so we do not need to finish our clinic in the parking garage! Yes the parking garage. Ride your bike anywhere we say.

Yes I said I'd have film but I just do not have the energy to get it completed. I will need to do this Monday night.
I rolled away from my car this morning, forgot my glasses, turned around to get them and noticed I had a flat tire on my auto. So I spent a few hours dealing with this tonight. I had to dry my cloths for tomorrows outside session so maybe you will allow me a break.
I did get some good footage of some of the skills I will be teaching at a Coaches lead USAC Skill Clinic this spring, summer and fall time.

Thanks for rolling with me.

Hope to see you in my peloton soon.

Coach Ruder

Friday, March 9, 2012

I have arrived! Texas that is.

What a trip. Rolled out early am 4:00 to make it to Tulsa to see some people and then roll on south.
Sun was out most of the day until I get to the Texas boarder. Oh well no big deal. Arrive at hotel a bit before 2:00pm. Wind from the north made the day feel cold. Oh the sprinkles did not help either. What to do? Ah I will forgo the long ride I intended to do and decided to ride to the skills session venue. I did not want to get caught out in the rain too far from where I am staying. I'd more than likely get lost anyway.
Not to let a good afternoon get away, I rolled over to the venue and what do I find? Ah yes, interval time baby!
This venue is under development so it has all these streets that connect to make the well perfect CRIT area. I located what I thought was the best place to do a few sprint intervals. 4 hard intervals done and was working  well until the guy in the big truck decided to not stop at the stop sign and scared the you know what out of me. No worries there are plenty of street around this area. So active recovery to another area. Oh yes my favorite! Yes hills and into the wind, even better. Rolled 6 of these bad boys that was enough. Rolled around the area  bit more then rolled back to the hotel. Not sure if it was the KCBC Racing kit I had on but several people rolled up to me and slowed to look. Really I thought they where going to yell at me, but no!
I had a GREAT workout. Some of my special Clients where in my head telling me I needed to get out and put the work in!
Thank you JP and Jason!
Texas Interval

Looks like tomorrow will be cool and a chance for Rain. Good thing I brought my rain tires and wheel set, The Challenge Elite.

I will have film of tomorrows skills. A fun day it will be!

Coach Ruder

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Really! What!

Thought I'd let you know I am still around just been a bit busy the past week. Daughter made the Varsity and JR. Varsity Soccer team at Olathe North, so schedules changed. Added a few more early morning swim lessons with some outstanding Athletes. I continue to write and re-work programs to make me and you better at achieving our GOALS!
I am off to Texas in the morning Friday 3-9-2012 for a whirl wind weekend with USA Cycling Coaches.
Hope to arrive in Allen Texas by 2:00pm, check in, change and roll out for a 48 mile ride in an area I have not been. Looks like an adventure will be written about Friday night.
I plan on taking some photos and film of the training sessions to give you CRAZIES some notice of the fun heading to the KC Area.
OK I need to finish packing that 3:00am alarm is coming fast!

Until next ride.

Coach Ruder