Sunday, November 29, 2015

GRAVEL Grinding and Racing

GRAVEL the "NEW" Endurance challenge events that are on the rise in the US. What has been a way to get outside in the winter to see other parts of the country landscape and keep some of that road fitness, many people have for years turned to the gravel roads. With the rise of GRAVEL Specific race events like the DirtyKanza 200, Gravel Worlds, Trans Iowa, just to name a few of the big ones that I would say are local to the Kansas City area there is a real need for specific training.
There are also a small number of localized events coming out one could use as pre-event tune ups to the big events.With the rise of participation of such events across the country this has opened a new form of race challenge. Like IRONMAM or a triathlon of any kind, gravel adds it own allure and challenge. Most gravel events are self supported and are 100 miles or more. Some gravel events are adding in 25 to 75 mile grinders that allow a beginner grinder an opportunity to try and complete a challenging event like a sprint Triathlon to a Half Ironman to a Full Ironman.

Like any endurance event no matter how or what we deem as long it takes training, nutrition planning and some form of time commitment to achieve the goal. What ever your goal a comprehensive plan will make the journey much more enjoyable. Power Team Coaching has first hand experiences with endurance events, not limiting us in knowledge from ultra running, triathlons, and gravel racing. We are putting together training plans for the Boneshaker Gravel Series, LandRun100, Gravelleurs Raid and Cool Hand Luke Gravel Grinder. These are just a few of the local events we are working on to prepare for the DK200. Even if you are not planning now to do the full DK200 we have plans for all levels and goals. For more gravel grinding events across the country look here, --> Riding Gravel. The Kansas Cyclist.
After the DK200 we will continue our training for gravel events later in the season like Gravel Worlds, FarmHouse Classic and Pony Express 120 and the Big Ring Gravel Road Race series to name a few. 

I know its cold outside now but it will be warm soon. Contact us soon so we can dial in your plan to match your goals.
Remember you do not need to be a seasoned racer to use Power Team Coaching services. We work with all sizes and types of people as part of our commitment to health and fitness. 

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