Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boss CX 2

After a long debate with myself I decided to put off some house work to go out to the Boss CX race today. The 2nd of 4 events put on by Joe Fox's Cycle City and Crew. Great race and great venue at E H Young Park in Riverside, MO. This venue can change at the drop of a hat and I for one can only thank those who allow us to race there many thank you's.

OK this race is generally fast, like wicked fast due to the terrain. Not that it is easy but you can really roll out there. I had heard the Saturday's race lap times where in the 7 min area and after the pre-rides I know it was going to be fast. Lined up for the Masters 50+ race. It was nice to see so many I know lined up beside me. Then I was wondering what did these guys to yesterday  No worries it was Sunday and my day to race, so lets get it done.
The start was wide open into a nice left hand turn into a straight line shot to a sand pit. I along with 8 other guys came around the corner to see a massive pileup of the M40+ guys. Carnage all around. No figure out how to get around those guys. Bam! ran it and got back on to find I was with the lead fast guys. Made a left into a nice straight area into a nice sharp turn to a straight right hand slant turn back into the other side of the sand TRAP. Piles up there and slow riders so ran that sand also. set the bike down went to get on and bounced the chain off, dang, dang dang. Fixed and now I had to chase back through all those 40+ riders I just passed and they seamed to be going slow, well much slower than I wanted to go. I kept my eye on Andy Lucas, that was my target. Took many chances in that first lap to pass as many people I could. At one time I knew I was spending loads of energy but that is what it was going to take to get closer to the front.
In Cyclocross you just have to gamble a bit and hope you do not make to many racers mad at you but it is CX and if you got a shot you go and beg forgiveness later. Fought hard the whole race and with 4 to go I was passed by another 360 guy. Dang, dang that was third place. kept fighting to stay on the wheel but once again I bounced a chain coming down a steep hill so I had to shift the chain back on. Ouch he got out there fast.
I kept the gas on as to not allow anyone back there to sneak up on me. Fought on to stay in fourth place still a good showing. A few mistakes did not help but we all had a few issues after a nice race debrief. I am happy but not happy with the results. You know when you let a few things you know not to do get into your way that hurts. Fitness is there now to put it all together. It is a long season so I know be patient it will come.

See all of you next weekend at the 360Cup, over in Lawrence.   360cup Flyer

Coach Ruder
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Manions CX Coaches Recap!

I did not get the chance to sit down and write about last weekends race Manions Cyclocross. This Venue at the Manions Auction house is and has become a favorite racing place for me. Nestled at the end of a road/street just before the River.
OK arrived early to set up the KCBC Racing pavilion you know with tent and bike rack. KCBC Racing has 12 CX racers now so it makes it fun to see everyone racing all day long. Notice the little Green Dragon, that is an up and coming JR racer.

Signed up for the Masters 50+ race, yes I had to move up due my age. Good times though the masters are wicked fast so no taking it easy for sure. The 40+ guys roll off first and I think the had a 30 or 15 second start which in CX is a long time. Whistle blew and we where off. I really did not know what to expect for many reasons. Last season I raced one event and did what I call poorly. This season I will be able to race a bit more.
Into the first turn, crazy wide narrow 180* turn and Songer and Lucas where up front and I was setting 6th or 7th into the second turn that lead into a nice cement blast for the speed zone into a rough, rough ride onto the main part of the Manions Hill Side.
Being a patent racer can be harmful if you want to be up with the front wicked fast guys but sometimes it can pay off. Took my time and looked at who was in front and waited until I had a good place to pass. Passed in these turns and then down a hill. Wow we are already into the 40+ guys. Bam! a crash right in-front of me. One guy in out group nailed the down rider and I got away clear. Lost lots of speed but managed to get back up to speed. A nice slopping down hill into an off camber-ish turn made it hard to keep the speed but those guys up front had clean air and I wanted to be there. Took some chances coming int the down hill plop, dry part of a pond to find the rest of the front guys. Remembered my 3 sec rule and passed all I could and did not look back. There again up into many more of the 40+ guys. This was a bit weird. I know these guys and they are fast. No holding back say hey and roll on.
Me Chilling after the races
As I worked my way up and past more riders I did not even look to see what numbers they where. All I cared about was passing the next rider, go faster and take more chances. After I had a chance to see I did not have anyone close to me I started to look at who was in-front. I thought I was in 4th or 5th but was not sure. Andy Lucas and I passed each other on different parts of the course so I asked what place are you and he said 2nd! What really! Then I knew there where 4 to go so I started to time the distance between Lucas and I. Saw all the 40+ leaders setting on his wheel, counted 8-12 seconds and that is a good distance. So I kept working to get closer and thought I was with two to go they all picked up the pace, like me. Well it ended well with me coming back from a year off of CX and a fair road season to take a podium spot on my opening CX race. I have lots to work on but my fitness test tested well. Now to keep this going. I have some personal goals this season and this really helped me realize the hard work and training I have been doing will pay off, but you have got to work smarter to get better and stronger.

See you at Boss Cross Sunday

Coach Ruder

Friday, September 21, 2012

Give it up! Now way! Can I?

As you can tell I have not had much to chat about lately. I have been busy getting ready and preparing a few others for Cyclocross Season. A few extra days of training and making sure I get the family taken care of had been a priority. School is back in session so that means much more is happening around my house.

You may know I am a personal trainer at 24Hour Fitness specifically at 119th and Metcalf the Super Sport. I am asking, telling my clients they need to cut back on this, stop eating that you know give it up if you want to make a great stride to reaching your fitness goals.
So I decided I needed to try and give up something I really like and that is coffee. Yes I know it is just coffee but I drink lots. Not the cup or two a day guy but the pots a day guy. Yes that is pots! I tried this in the past with not much luck because I decided I did not need to give this up! Sound familiar?
Some reasons I thought this would be good for me. I do like to study the effects of training, nutrition, lack of nutrition and how this effects the body.
1. I have not been sleeping very well for a long time
2. Practice what you preach
3. It will make a good conversation piece on those long runs
4. Challenge
5. Habits are hard to break so.....

I have reached my 6th day without any coffee or Caffeinated drinks. This has been hard, Yes I admit this has been hard. I am one of those coffee drinkers that will make a pot at 7:00pm just because I want it. Like the person who pulls the Beer, Wine or Scotch out for a drink, I would go for the coffee. Setting in my office it would not be unusual for me to drink a few pots of coffee before 10:00am, then make a little to take with me for later.
I am not at or near the end of my journey for sure. I like coffee's flavor so I need to locate a decaffeinated Coffee that taste good.

Here are my finding as of today.
1. I have slept better the past two nights!
2. So far today I do not have a head ache!
3. I feel OK with out the caffeine
4. Water still tastes the same.

Look for a fallow up on this as I progress further into my study.

See you on the roads, trails or in the gym


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Want to learn how to Cyclocross?

I know many of you already know how to Cyclocross but do your friends?
The Kansas City Metro Bicycle Clubs race team KCBC Racing holds three different skill sessions a week.
Here is the run down.

KCBC Racing/Elite Cycling CX training Monday Nights:
Mission Farms Shopping Center, 6:30pm start at Elite Cycling.
10673 Mission Road, Leawood, Kansas. Bring a light or two!
Mark Horn, Leader

KCBC Racing BlackBob Park CX training Tuesday Nights:
Blackbob Park, 7:00pm
North West corner of the park.
Bring a light for longer than one hour.
This venue we will have lights to roll for a few months.
Coach Ruder, Leader

KCBC Racing WardParkway CX, Wednesday Nights:
Ward Parkway CX training. Ride leaves from 6:30 p.m.(84th and Mercier). Bring a light or two!
Adam Roeser, Leader

If you stay posted to the KCBC Racing forum there may crop up a rouge event as well. This event could be a mock faster paced fun time!

These events will continue until we just can not do them anymore due to low viability.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Are we Crazy or just love to get Dirty?

A bit blurry with the rain falling down.
While many are finishing up with there Road racing season, many of us are or have been preparing for Cyclocross Season. We have rain and that lends to great CX training. I like to get out and get dirty to test the tire set up for the year just in-case we have rain, mud, snow or a combination of several weather events. 
I invited several to join me today for a bit of mud, wet fun but only one joined me. Ben Henley from GO! Racing. WE had a blast well I know I did. It was one of those days after you hosed off the rig it was your turn. The picture does not show it but it was dirty! The park was under water for sure but it was a great time to see if the tires I had selected would work. Challenge tires are my choice for Cyclocross and Road Racing. Challenge Tires!
Taste of things to come! Grote Prijs 2011

Ben who rode over to practice then rode to work.

Here in the Kansas City metro area that season starts on September 14th with the Buffalo Bill CX. Buffalo Bill CX This was a new event in 2011. I have no real knowledge of this event sorry.

The following Weekend September 22nd and 23rd is the Manions Cross. Manions CX This event started in 2010 and has become a must do event. The venue here offers many sick, sick courses only a crazed individual can think up. Hills is what it is with the trench of death! You just do not know what or where you will encounter the fun and thrill of grass, Barn ride through or if a Lemons start will be part of the event. Only thing I can think of we have not seen here is bad weather! Maybe I Jenked it but what the heck a bit of nasty weather is what the CX fans want to see.

October 6th and 7th brings us the 360 CUP. 360 CUP A new venue, Centennial Park in Lawrence. What I do know is this group puts on a great race so I am sure it will be fun and hard! I'll be there for sure.

October 14th the Cross Off Cancer event will be in Shawnee Mission Park. CX out Cancer This event has been around for 3 years now anyway that is what I remember.

OK that is all I have about CX for now. Look for more in the next month.
Herman CX starts over in ST. Louis September 15th and 16th. Go check it out.