Friday, April 12, 2013

A book Review- Your Brain On A Bike

Good day all. Yes I do read!!! I first want to thank fellow USAC Coach John Brent Pye for asking me to read and review his book Your Brian On A Bike. John sorry it took me so long to get this out.
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Ok enough of the listings on how to get your hands on this book. Like many of us coaches out there we tell our athletes loads of things on how to prepare for an event or a serious of events to a year of events all to have them ask us repeatedly  What was that you wanted me to do Coach.

With training, racing, get through that first 50 mile ride or it is time to get the Century ride checked off the list, here all written in a nice easy read book on how to stay positive and motivated to achieve your goals no matter at what level you are.

From the opening lines and statements I could here me saying many of these things to my athletes. This flowing book transcends those little saying we tell time after time. "Be positive". "Are you in the correct GEAR for training"? "Racing:? for "FUN"? While this book takes you through the four Obstacles Gravity, speed, distance and time, all the way to your thoughts while winning each obstacle one at a time.

Each chapter is well formulated to give you the facts and beliefs about how to mentally prepare or be prepared to tackle the next challenge.
Need that positive reinforcement? Want to be positive about your goals? What to train in a positive light? Get and read this book.
I really enjoyed the personal touch Coach Pye puts into each segment that really brought all his POSITIVE, MOTIVATIONAL thought home.

Once you are finished and you are ready for an inspired COACH to help you be mentally tough give me a shout!

I hope to roll with you on the road or dirt soon!
Coach Ruder