Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 Coaching, Riding and Racing! A look back.

2015 is coming to a close and this is a great time to look back on the goals you had set or the new goals you have set for the next journey.. As a coach, racer and all round like to exercise this time of year if we do it we can learn to grow and challenge ones self to new experiences and well just more fun!
2015 meet me with the year to finally be healthy. After a few years of getting over a crazy accident in a CX race I felt like I was ready to take my training and racing to a new level. Several seasons ago I started racing the MTB. What a blast! After my first full season I decided to request my move to the CAT 1 division. Not really the best move on my part but a necessary move to keep me moving forward in my goals.The Wicked fast old man's group I call it CAT1 M50+ I get to race locally a National Champion and several other just wicked fast guys. There are not many who race the WFMG but you know each and every time to go to an event you will have these guys to keep you honest and you to keep the honest. Weather played a big role in what was to be and was not to be. Rain, Rain, Rain again can we say Rain held up most every race on the 2015 calendar. From Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas it was rain date after rain date of change. So be it. I was able to get to just a few of the race I wanted to race. Had to miss some key events I had hopped to race this season but family and date changes just did not work our. I was looking to get make a good mark in the Unified Dirt west Series To my surprise after all the water had drained out I managed to get a third place overall finish to a damp season.
Keeping my goals in perspective I started to get my Cyclocross skills in check earlier that expected cause I could. The MTB season was over by July for me so what not be CX fit. Set my goals on several out-of-town events to move away from some of the local guys. Rolled over to Herman Sourish for an early September race. Sadly this was the last year for the DogFish Hermann Cyclocross. Short film of the venue and race here! Racing the M 50+ both days lead me to a Saturday 2nd place and Sunday 3rd place. One of the most fun two days of racing Id had in many years since the races out at Smithville lake in 2010 stopped happening. Loved the Money Tree! So I took my good fitness to ST. Joe and raced fair but not what I had hoped for but that is racing. From there I traveled to a few other out of town venues to just to keep it legit. One last CX race I prepped for the CX off The Old year Flier! From here we may as well kick off the 2016 year and prep for CX Nationals we will hit the Grote Prijs Shawnee
All in all my year was very good and happy I was able to stay healthy all year. My 2016 goals are in place. Working on those now! Are you!
GRAVEL will be the 2016 season opener with the Land Run 100, sold out and I'm in. This will be the first of many fun long gravel events I will be racing. 2016 will also be MTB racing and CX of course.
Power Team Coaching will be making changes to its offerings that we are sure will be more in-line with all people. Making things simple is the way for longevity.
If you are looking for guidance to your fitness goals let PTC help you get where you want to go.
Just few photos of this years racing and rideing.