Monday, February 6, 2012

PTC training and The Pain Cave!

Today Monday February 6th my personal training calendar turned a page for the next level UP in my preparation for the Road and Crit season. I find it very interesting to develop, write and train on my own accord. My own results will tell the story. I spend many hours developing, attempting many different methods and the same old tricks that make up quality skill building work outs.

I receive questions on what do you have in your Pain Cave?
Are you weight training?
The answer is simple. I do body weight training, Plyometrics, simple movements with bands or tubing and I have a kettle-bell(8lb) for fun.

Trust me all my drills piled one on top of the other can really get you in a Painful way. It takes time to perfect and it all starts with a good base and a good mental state. I shot a little film of my last two workouts of my 50 min workout time.
What I call my decline-uneven ball push ups and Plank on apposing appendages. My goal by end of two weeks is to do the later for One Minute! Film will tell the story.
PTC in the Pain Cave
I hope you enjoy.



  1. Are you trying to do a minute on each side of the Plank/Bridge, or a minute total, switching half way?

  2. Try doing the ball push-ups with your feet on an exercise ball for added core work.