Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Rambling!

It has been a bit since I had even a small bit of time to write let alone take a breath it seems. The past week has been very busy for me and many others I am associated with. It does feel good to see good things come from such busy and hard working people. The KCMBC group is working at light speed that we will have a newsletter sooner than anyone would have imagined. Weeks ago I had challenged the KCMBC, KCBC and JCBC board to see if we could get one out in record time. BAM! we got it. The newsletter will be ready. I read part of it while writing this!

I know, not really about coaching but really it is all about coaching. Finding the time to train while being busy with work, Family, outside obligations is a challenge to all, even me. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and allow life to re-find you. This can be the best part of any training plan, rest and relaxation.

This weekend is race #1 of the Spring Fling. I hope all who have been training has/had FUN and races/raced well. I will be racing the Masters and the 4/5. I was going to also race the 3/4 but it sounded more fun to gather after the race and roll the MTB's over to the Lawrence river trails for some extra FUN!
Come out and watch the Criterium and/or come ride the trails with Power Team Coaching. We will start the trails around 2:15ish

Wheels up and hope to roll with you in the Peloton soon.

Coach Ruder

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