Monday, November 26, 2012

Goal Setting. Hard or Easy <-- not

What is a goal? Definition, the result or achievement toward which effort is directed;aim; end. The terminal point of a journey or race, or A dream we can now make a realistic attempt to achieve.

In our world we need to set goals, mostly realistic goals and attainable. You can set daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals depending on what your BIG GOAL is. What is the BIG GOAL?
To the beginner the big goal could be to sign up for an event. 5k family run/walk or could be to walk 1 mile pain free. What ever your BIG Goal is it starts with you.

With most of my clients weight loss is not a goal, really. We all need to lose a few pounds here and there. With the proper fitness routine and diet adjustments you will lose a few pounds. I like to make weight loss a subset goal that is a means to and end. YOU will lose weight and transform your body if the proper program is designed for your specific needs, IE GOALS.

So how do you set a goal? Very good question for all of us. Someone who has completed an Ironman event or that trans-Iowa ride (not Ragbrai) are looking for way different things than the beginner.
Keep it simple even you pros. Ask yourself a few questions.

What is my fitness level like now? Scale 1-10
What type of activities do I like and dislike? List them Honestly
How many hours a week, per day do I have to honestly devote fitness time to? 3-10 hours
What is my diet like today? Honestly Write it down.
Can I cut one thing out of my day to add time to my fitness time? TV, Internet
Do I need help?
What is my fitness worth to self and family?
Do I have a friend who would work out with me.
Do I have family support?
Do I have support from my co-workers?

If you can answer all of these questions then you can focus on a GOAL.

What type of goals would a beginner look to set?
1. Overall fitness gain. Measure by body transformation and strength or Heart Rate improvements
2. Complete 10 push ups, 20 set ups you get it.
3. Complete a 5k walk/jog/run. Completion is the key
4. Swim 100 meters without stopping.
All of these are simple goals to some of us but not the beginner. We are to old to remember how it was to walk. It takes time to reach fitness goals, but working at them everyday, with every step is a key to success.

I ask those questions of myself each year. What are my goals activities for 2013.
I will sign up for the and race the OGRE: Ozark Gravel Race
I aspire to race and ride more Mountain bike events.
Spring Training will focus on Criterium races 
Run TWO 50K trail Psychowyco 50K runs in 2013. Subset goal is a 50 miler late 2013 Hawk-100-mile 50-mile marathon
I aspire to go to Cyclocross Nationals in Colorado January 2014. 2014-16-cyclo-cross-national-championships

Do I have the time to devote to my Aspirations?
To train for a 50K event I need 10 hours a week minimum.
To train for the Criterium season I need 10 hours a week
So is this telling me I need 20 hours a week to reach my goals?
No this is telling me with the proper channeling of activities I can cross train to meet my goal activities.

How can you do this you ask? Ask a coach who will help you understand your goal,s. A coach who cares about you and your fitness aspirations. It takes a team to accomplish great things. ASK the Ironman. So he/she did the event on there own but the friends and family support (TEAM) was vital for completion.

Power Team Coaching is ready to help you figure out your goals and will help you achieve them.

See you on the roads or pathways to Super-fitness 2013!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The EPIC Swim Challenge!

The Epic Swim 12,000 on 12-12-12.
The pool is open all day 5:30a- 8:30p and the event is free.
We do not have shirts this year but we will be giving out gift certificates to all those who try the event
Teams of 4-6 are welcome.
We just need to know what time to expect you because we will only have 2 lanes available.
There will be snacks and drinks at pool side.
Please Call the Center 816.300.0531