Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Fling Race Day #1

Yes I am a few days behind. Way too busy keeping all my affairs in good order but now I am good to go.

OK first Criterium or Crit of the year happened on March 25th 2012 out at Clinton Lake camp ground #1. I rolled in set up command center, ie bike stands for people to use, tent and chairs. Must be comfortable at the race venue. Registered for the Masters 35+ event and the CAT 4/5. I wanted to do three races that day, the 3/4 but decided earlier in the week to take a fellow race team member over to the Lawrence river trails for a bit of extra fun on the MTB.

PTC in the Black Jersey
I warm up a bit or try to. It was a bit brisk with the wind coming off the lake so I had to add the knee warmers and heaver gloves. If my hands get to cold it is hard to shift so better to be warm than cold.
The Masters 35+ race is a 40 minuet timed event on a 1.2 mile loop. We averaged 24.5 mph. I line up and hey I am on the front line! I start to look around the group and yes, I start to see all the guys that seem to school me in CX and last year's Road and Crits. Starting to think, I will be off the back soon! Oh well, I have been training with all of these men in mind. Whistle goes off and I can not get into my peddle so all those guys pass me at the start. I get rolling and move up to the position I want to ride, top 5-15. I was in the 10 area and was happy about this. The first race everyone even us experienced riders have some storage dust to blow off. The Masters race is a bit better because most of these guys are well GOOD. It was fun rubbing shoulders and chit chatting about it with fellow riders I have not seen since late summer 2011. I raced up in the top part of the peloton. I felt really good about my fitness which solidified that my training plan was spot on.The results show I finished 24th avoiding a crash in the last curve into the finish separated many of us.
I am very pleased really. There are some big time riders here in the area and for me to ride with them at this time of the year is AWESOME!
Roger Williams[red]
 Michael Ruder PTC [KCBC]
KCBC Racing had a good group of men [5] in the 4/5 race so it was nice to race with fellow team mates in the peloton. The 4/5 race was a 45 minuet event on the same 1.2 mile loop. We averaged 24.2 mph or so. After the Masters race I started to chit chat with fellow riders about the race so I found myself scrambling to re-pin my number on a different race jersey to match the KCBC Team. At this level we need to race for ourselves. Many others like a few teams I will not mention really think they can make a difference but when it comes right down to it, if the peloton wants to catch you, ah, we will and you can bank on that. I once again raced in the top part of this race following Teammate from GO! Racing Roger Williams. This race was a bit scary. Lots of shoulder rubbing on the turns. I am so glad I have good bike handling skills or many of us would have been on the floor many times. The results say I finished 39th and that is OK. I and others decided we know where we are in our training and it is still training so we backed off the last lap to let those guys fight it out. I saw a crash in the Masters 35+ I was sure there would be one on that last turn in this race.

So to sum up the days racing: I performed where I had hoped I'd be.
YOU want better results? TEAM up with Power Team Coaching. Get fit, stronger and faster for proven results.

Finished the day with an hour and twenty minuets on the Lawrence River trails with Dan. We had a hoot!

See you in the Peloton soon!

Coach Ruder

Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Rambling!

It has been a bit since I had even a small bit of time to write let alone take a breath it seems. The past week has been very busy for me and many others I am associated with. It does feel good to see good things come from such busy and hard working people. The KCMBC group is working at light speed that we will have a newsletter sooner than anyone would have imagined. Weeks ago I had challenged the KCMBC, KCBC and JCBC board to see if we could get one out in record time. BAM! we got it. The newsletter will be ready. I read part of it while writing this!

I know, not really about coaching but really it is all about coaching. Finding the time to train while being busy with work, Family, outside obligations is a challenge to all, even me. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and allow life to re-find you. This can be the best part of any training plan, rest and relaxation.

This weekend is race #1 of the Spring Fling. I hope all who have been training has/had FUN and races/raced well. I will be racing the Masters and the 4/5. I was going to also race the 3/4 but it sounded more fun to gather after the race and roll the MTB's over to the Lawrence river trails for some extra FUN!
Come out and watch the Criterium and/or come ride the trails with Power Team Coaching. We will start the trails around 2:15ish

Wheels up and hope to roll with you in the Peloton soon.

Coach Ruder

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MapMyRide.com - Road Cycling - Group Ride: Fun Day ride on 02/21/2012

MapMyRide.com - Road Cycling - Group Ride: Fun Day ride on 02/21/2012

Yep the Guys pushed it hard today. Pushed me up the hills really!
I think it was the coffee in Lawrence that killed me!
I had a blow out an hour into this ride. A great and wonderful friend Sheri came to our aid and brought us a tire so we could continue on. We are some very lucky guys, Thank you Sheri. Rolled into Lawrence just outside Sunflower Bicycle Shop Mark had a flat. Tops to you guys at Sunflower for Welcoming us in! 


Wow I knew it was coming but I was not sure it would really happen and if I was really prepared for it. Anyway that is the way it has felt for months now.
Michael what the heck are you talking about!
Well I am involved in the cycling community more than just a coach, teacher, mentor or racer. I have held a seat on the Board of the Kansas City Bicycle Club for the past few years as the VP and the racing chair.
6 months ago KCBC and JCBC's members voted to peruse the merger of both clubs. I joining a committee to help get the new club up and rolling, what is now The Kansas City Metro Bicycle Club, KCMBC.
National Bike Summit
Senate Building
Tonight Monday February 20th 2012 I was appointed the President of KCMBC. I am truly humbled that my fellow committee and board members have this much faith in me, yes I am humbled. My hope is I can fill the shoes of many great club presidents of the past.
If you where not a member of KCBC of JCBC join now and be part of the fun growth Kansas City Metro Bicycle Club and area will see in the cycling community.

See you in the Peloton
Coach Ruder

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Seven days before the first Criterium of the Kansas Road Racing session begins. So what are you doing now to get ready for your season. Here is a bit of what I do for my self and Team training,

Friday night 2-17-2012 decided to do the Schaeffer Crit. Yes I generally do this training session on Thursday nights after work but this past Thursday I forgot my shoes. Yes my wife called me a dork. I rode on Wednesday morning, got caught in the rain, shoes where still a bit wet, set them on the heater vents, walked out of the house on the phone trying to get to a meeting with GO! Racing and forgot the shoes.

OK back to my thoughts. While I was rolling over to the Schaeffer Crit area My mind a terrible thing to waist said hey can I make this crit loop a bit longer. So now I was destine to check it out. On my warm up I road farther up the one hill and said oh yes this will work well. The group got together I explained my sickness and we rolled it. Oh My was this the kick in the stomach! These guys push it hard anyway but this took even me by surprise. Well I knew it was going to hurt and I was correct.
PTC-Schaeffer Crit- NEW
Honestly on the last long hill Climb when I made the turn I thought I was going to vomit. Could not let Mark go to far off the lead so sucked it up. I think I took him on the last moment on the last sprint to the top of the last incline! These guys help make me better.

If you are interested in seeing what Power Team Coaching can do for you give me a shout. I will get you to a better place than where you are today!

Want an opinion on this? Hit up JDoug or on twitter @jdoug_jt and JP or on twitter @jpshores1
Get first hand feed back.

The Coach is in the House!
Coach Ruder

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Race time, Race time!!

Finally the Road and Crits season kicks off in a week.
I did not get to race Cyclocross this past season due to a lot of issues, but continued to coach a great group of racers.
Now it is my turn to see if my training has hit the mark as planned. I will not have my new Challenge Crit tires by next weekend so what the heck will I do. Roll the old ones I guess!
Come out and watch PTC clients race a bit, chat with some great athletes and have some fun.

2012 Spring Fling Crit February 25th start date for this long standing series.
Come Watch me race.

Perry Road Race March 3rd start date for the series.

Regional events in Hutchinson, Kansas. February 26th
Salina Regional Health Criterium Series Hutchinson, Kansas



Saturday, February 11, 2012

PTC Heading To Texas!

PTC is heading to Texas in a few weeks for an outstanding USAC Clinic.
I will once again have the pleasure of working with and being coached by Coach Mike Heitz. veloheitz
Prepare Kansas City for outstanding  USAC Clinics to actually be held here and in the surrounding cities in what we call the Mid-West. It may be nice to travel to other city's but how cool will it be to show case our area of the cycling community.
Clinics will soon be held for all levels from the racer, recreational rider, promoters, juniors, coaches and the true beginner.
More details to come as more information is made available.

I am so excited to make this part of PTC'ing credentials. If you want to be fit, be stronger, be super fit, be mentally prepared for recreational and race day activities, you need to look to PTC to fill your needs.
I am dedicated to you and the cycling committee to continue my education and training to be the best for you!

Safe riding Coach Ruder

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

V Sit Partner Rotations with Medicine Ball - Abs - Get Fit Exercise Library - American Council on Exercise

V Sit Partner Rotations with Medicine Ball - Abs - Get Fit Exercise Library - American Council on Exercise

God's Country Fat Tire Festival

Dear Cycling and Multi-Sport Enthusiast,

The Cow Town Cycling Team, invites you to join us in Lawrence, Kansas over the March 24 & 25, 2012 weekend for the God’s Country Fat Tire Festival.   Our team has two fun filled days of off-road excitement planned.  

Our festival...Saturday brings us the return of the God’s Country Mountain Bike Classic.   This will be the opening round of the 2012 Unified Federation of Dirt’s West series.  Traditional cross country mountain bike classes including kid’s events and the popular Clydesdale, Single Speed and Marathon divisions will be held.    Sunday the God’s Country Off-Road Duathlon returns for its 10th year.  For a decade this event has offered a fun and challenging multisport event for all ability levels.  This year we increase the fun opportunities with both Long and Short course options.  Elite, Age-group, Clydesdale, relay teams and unicycle options are available. 

The venue...Off-road heaven is what some call it.  The Lawrence River Trails (LRT) offers a trail system that is fun for all ability levels – LRT is rideable by absolutely anyone. The trails have the perfect combination of flowing dirt single track, hairpin turns, berms, and rolling hills. Expert to beginners will all enjoy the LRT that is maintained by the Lawrence Mountain Bike Club.

Festival features...Professional event timing and finishing services, custom handmade awards for both events, custom t-shirts, post-race food and beverages , free photographs  and  cash payouts for Cat 1 and Elite classes.  Hammer Nutritional products will be available both days, The Wheel Cyclery will be on hand offering bike support and we will have plenty of Chamois Butt’r for all your comfort needs. 

How to enjoy the fun... To register go to http://www.prerace.com/races/event/32511/God-s-Country-Off-Road-Duathlon-Lawrence-KS.   A field limit of 200 is set for our events.  Please register early to save your spot, save money and get your event t-shirt and swag.  For the month of February, we have discounted entry fees and “Free Fee February” where the processing fee is waived.

Please help spread the word and share this with all your friends and teammates.     

Questions?  Email chrisdlocke@gmail.com  or call 816.200.1273

Where to get info...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Full Mullet! Gravel Ride

It is time for the Mullets Revenge Gravel Extravaganza!

You will actually see some history on this ride. Very challenging and loads of FUN!

MapMyRide.com - Road Cycling - Medium Intensity: warm up and cool down for interval on 02/07/2012

MapMyRide.com - Road Cycling - Medium Intensity: warm up and cool down for interval on 02/07/2012

MapMyRide.com - Road Cycling - Interval Training: Interval Road Training on 02/07/2012

MapMyRide.com - Road Cycling - Interval Training: Interval Road Training on 02/07/2012
Another fine read from Endurofit. We ALL start at the bottom!
Endurofit's Ray Foley- Tri to Road

The Race Mental Game and Solutions

To all, you will find this article most interesting. Most of you know I am a big mental case and having a strong mental game has it's rewards.
Endurofit's Jeb Stewert / Feb Issue of Florida Cycling Mag

Monday, February 6, 2012

PTC training and The Pain Cave!

Today Monday February 6th my personal training calendar turned a page for the next level UP in my preparation for the Road and Crit season. I find it very interesting to develop, write and train on my own accord. My own results will tell the story. I spend many hours developing, attempting many different methods and the same old tricks that make up quality skill building work outs.

I receive questions on what do you have in your Pain Cave?
Are you weight training?
The answer is simple. I do body weight training, Plyometrics, simple movements with bands or tubing and I have a kettle-bell(8lb) for fun.

Trust me all my drills piled one on top of the other can really get you in a Painful way. It takes time to perfect and it all starts with a good base and a good mental state. I shot a little film of my last two workouts of my 50 min workout time.
What I call my decline-uneven ball push ups and Plank on apposing appendages. My goal by end of two weeks is to do the later for One Minute! Film will tell the story.
PTC in the Pain Cave
I hope you enjoy.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Must do Events coming your way

Power Team Coaching has partnered up with one of the areas top notch race promoters. Check out, come out and let us have some FUN!
Need a Training Plan?


Need a training Plan for either or both? I have a few for you.
Want to find out how you can earn a free entry into either one of these events?
Send me a note. luginbillruder@att.net, Tweet @PTCRuder or TEXT 913-523-3696 and tell me who you are and how I can help you.

Schaeffer Crit Training

One day while riding with a group I kept hearing this same thing from many in the group, "I have family things, I can not get out and ride, my training is suffering".  I..... can not... WHAT? You can get out and train and it may be closer to your front door than you know. I am constantly thinking of ways to make what we perceive as difficult to something that is easy. Let Power Team Coaching develop a training plan specifically for you and your friends.

I call this interval training The Schaeffer Crit. A crit interval right in front yard of a Racer/clients house. Yes step out and roll. When the weather gets nicer and the time changes his family can set in the front yard and cheer the group on. Hey we can practice feed Zone![just thought of this] Last night Thursday Feb 2nd with lights on a small group gathered and rolled this vision. A .68mile loop that has some very specific conditions to the training set. Some Active recovery, followed by full out sprint with an upward sloping block we do standing. The ride is done in the small chain ring to keep the speeds down! Yes it is a neighborhood! Here is the data from my data port.
TWO warm up lap 2.12, 1.59 and TWO cool down laps, 2.48, 2.45 total laps 16 laps. Here is the interval training times. 1.49, 1.48, 1.51, 1.50, 1.50, 1.55, 1.56, 1.56, 1.52, 1.50, 1.51, 1.58, My average HR was 151 and my Max was 167. Average speed was 20.24 
Ha I lead the warm up laps and the first two intervals laps! LOL! I lead other's as well. Each week we will build more laps and time to get  this up to a 40-45 min interval session.
What am I feeling today? GREAT! The legs are a bit sore where I had expected them to be but not as sore as I thought I would be. I was really ready to get my hill ride in today so I am disappointed the weather man actually got the rain prediction correct. Pain Cave it is with a ride on Saturday morning, the ride I was to do today.

Hope you are Reaching your Goals!

Coach Ruder