Monday, May 28, 2012

Post race report --> Robidoux Roundup, 2012

The day started out like most days.... but it was race day! Rolled out to do my first sanctioned Mountain Bike race, and it had to be the Robidoux Roundup! I was told to pre-pair for some climbing.... and climbing is what I got. The race started at the what they said bottom of the hill so it was a nice uphill start on pavement. Interesting that I sat in up the hill and should have tried to be the first into the trail instead of last. Hey I was there for the fun! At first the trail was nice, smooth a few twists and then came the up, the down, the up and up and twist up and up some more. Well kind of like that. After those first 4 or 5 good climbs the trail eased up a bit with nice flowing single track, very well groomed and rock free. Here is where my skills on the Mtb need some work. I was scrubbing all my speed off every-time I came into a sharp turn to go up hill or to just adjust to the terrain so I worked my self what seemed like to death. But I did live! The bridge crossings where a bit frighting at first. 8 bridges in all and on this steel grate I almost went off which would have made for an interesting time. It seemed like the bridges just came out of nowhere, at the bottom of a tight curve, just around a sharp bend or just as you climbed up a hill and there it is. I came close to going off several but kept the wheels rolling. Jason Douglas and several others said the climbs at the start are the hardest and then you are home free. Yep they forgot to mention the climbs at the end of the 6 or so mile loop that tested your skills just differently than the start. It was a hot day so I knew I would need to drink plenty of water, I did and was pleasantly surprised I did not have any cramping issues that have plagued me in the heat. I used a different combination of Hammer supplements and drink pre-race I think helped me. OK I finished the race. I officially took 5th but I think I was fourth. The forth place person had a slower first lap than I did and the only person who passed me on the second loop was wicked strong man Mark Horn. Oh well it was for fun right! Yes it was and it was fun. A few shots of the those on both teams PTC represents. 
Single speed 1st -Blake Hoppe GO! Racing
2nd - Mark Horn KCBC Racing

CAT 1 2nd Micah Gordon GO! Racing
CAT 1 XC 40-49 3rd  Craig Hoppe GO! Racing

Marathon 3rd Place Roger Williams GO! Racing

Next Mtb event for me will be the Missouri State Championship June 10th Down and Dirty in Warsaw, MO.
Catch you on the trails or in the peloton.
Coach Ruder

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ironman Texas - - JP and family are Ironmen!

Brian Sharp, Jon-Paul Shores and Scott Sharp, completed the 2012 Ironman Texas event on May 19th 2012. It was an exhausting long day for them and me! Track these guys, between waking up by 5:00am to send last moment inspiration to JP to getting to work by the early morning to graduation party and guests in the house, twitter updates, FB posts Oh what fun!
I can not say enough how Honored I am to have had the opportunity to be so involved in this event in a different light. To be a coach, mentor and friend is tough when you want to be there along the way. I do know the work and dedication it takes to juggle or struggle to get the work in for an endurance event is astronomical. Many sacrifices had been made by all but I know these men could not have come close to completing this event if not for the support group around them. It is a very fine line we as endurance athletes take on to ask our families to also sacrifice with us. Congratulations to all on a fine Ironman Event. What is next? 

More than a REWARD! Life Changing!
I had a wonderful talk with JP today May 25th 2012 to go over the day in a short amount of time. It is refreshing to here great athletes say, NEXT TIME I WILL/WOULD DO...... for training and the event day. This means a great deal to a coach because you know they really have analyzed the day and will continue to draw on those experiences for a life time. What is next for JP? A bit more multisport action and a few things that make sense. SPIN! Pizza Rides, CRIT/Road Races, Cyclocross season are of those things that makes sense and a bit of Trail running. I hope you get the chance to talk with JP about his day.

Coach Ruder!
See you in the peloton or the transition area!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's National BIKE WEEK Next WEEK!

Come join KCMBC as we celebrate National Bike Month.  We have the following events planned:

KCMBC  Celebrates Bike Week
Come out and celebrate with KCMBC


in partnership with 
The City of KCMO, the American Diabetes Association
the Black Health Care Coalition of KC 
May 12, 2012 - 10:00 am
Join us for a short children friendly 5 mile ride on the newly opened Brush Creek trail. The ride will begin at the Spirit of Freedom Fountain, Brush Creek and Cleveland Ave, Kansas City MO.  

the Ride of Silence
Wednesday May 16, 2012

Wednesday May 16, 2012 at 7:00 pm the Ride of Silence will begin in   North America and roll across the globe. Cyclists will take to the road in a silent procession to honor cyclists that have been killed or injured while cycling on public roadways. 
This ride also helps to raise the awareness of motorists, police, and city officials that cyclists have a legal right to the public roadways.
We will gather at the entrance of the Trolley Track trail, 62nd and Brookside, Kansas City at 6 PM. The procession will leave promptly at 7 pm. This will be a slow ride to gather attention.

Breakfast on the Trolley Track Trail51st and Brookside
May 18th  6 am to 9 am
A partnership with the American Diabetes Association and the City of Kansas City Mo.  Come out a grab a bagel, some coffee and juice.

For more information please contact  Mitchell Williams-  

Come ride with us

Sunday, May 6, 2012

PTC attending MTB events! Heck Yes!

As time goes by I see that I am gaining more interest in a full life with cycling whether on the Paved Road, Gravel, single track or just having fun on any bike. I am having a great time training and the once in a while spring race. The race season for me will be in full swing come June time through August, and then it is CX time. Yep already looking to the CX Calendar!
Next Road event will be the June 2nd. So here is what PTC has on tap for the next few months.
The 2012 season of racing will find PTC hitting a few MTB events with teammates from GO! Racing and KCBC Racing.
The first event will be held on May 27th in St. Joe, MO. Roubidoux Roundup Come on out race or just enjoy the festivities. I hear the ST. Joe peeps put on a Great event.

June 2nd will be a Road Race The Kansas State Category Road Race Championships, out in Olsburg, Kansas. A 25 mile two loop race with some KOM point so be had. KS ST RR Champ, Olsburg

The next MTB event will the Down and Dirty June 10th what looks like the Missouri State Championship. I am not sure if I can get another MTB race in this year but this will be a good start.

Tour of Missouri Criterium races June 23rd and 24th.
Tour of Lawrence Circuit and Criterium races June 30th and July 1st.

Ok enough for now.

See you in the Peloton!
Coach Ruder