Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two-a-day Tuesday Intervals

Wow what a day for fun and fitness. Had a hard time deciding what I was going to do today. Work asked me to come in an hour early so that would mean I could not get my 2 hour scheduled ride completed as planned. Made my way down to the Pain Cave. Really my wife said, cave and intervals, what ever, you are a crazy man. Yes, I guess I am. In the PC today I only did a 40 min session consisting of a total body session and an AB/Core session, then some special balance drills to help my core a bit more. In the PC you will only find a few balls, tension bands and a kettle-bell. Most of the drills I do I use my body as the weight and try and push the envelope each time. The total body drills last 1 min, and well they are FUN!
The AB/Core drills are killer. 30 sec each and I have 20-30 or so drills and well they hurt like>>>>>>>. I will not go into all of what I do for my AB and core work. If you are interested in learning more I can help you work on this. One of the services I offer is General Fitness.
Office Dress
Showered, dressed in my favorite office attire! Time to roll out for my interval session. My mind has a way of thinking about ways to make simple drills on the bike both fun and worth doing. This interval session area happens to be close to my office so I can get an hours work out in a snappy and meaningful session, no waste! I do 4 circuits when I only have an hour. I do more if that is how the workout is written. I can do this for you too! Take the worry out of your work outs and allow Power Team Coaching to develop a working plan that is just for you.
The streets where a bit wet so I knew once I'd arrive to my training destination I will need to roll the route to make sure it is safe. Yes well it was not. In one of the round-a-bouts I went down and it HURT! Got up rolled the remainder of the route to found another bad spot. Good thing I am a flexible thinker and adjusted the route and changed how I would roll the sprints. I am a firm believer you need to be mentally flexible so you can still have the quality work out you had planned. This also helps in races. The peloton can change quickly so you must be prepared. All said and done I rolled the workout and had a blast! Yes I really have fun pushing the envelope. Here is some film of my interval. PTC Interval session Remember If you need a comprehensive plan developed for you PTC will perform for you. 

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