Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two-a-day Tuesday Intervals

Wow what a day for fun and fitness. Had a hard time deciding what I was going to do today. Work asked me to come in an hour early so that would mean I could not get my 2 hour scheduled ride completed as planned. Made my way down to the Pain Cave. Really my wife said, cave and intervals, what ever, you are a crazy man. Yes, I guess I am. In the PC today I only did a 40 min session consisting of a total body session and an AB/Core session, then some special balance drills to help my core a bit more. In the PC you will only find a few balls, tension bands and a kettle-bell. Most of the drills I do I use my body as the weight and try and push the envelope each time. The total body drills last 1 min, and well they are FUN!
The AB/Core drills are killer. 30 sec each and I have 20-30 or so drills and well they hurt like>>>>>>>. I will not go into all of what I do for my AB and core work. If you are interested in learning more I can help you work on this. One of the services I offer is General Fitness.
Office Dress
Showered, dressed in my favorite office attire! Time to roll out for my interval session. My mind has a way of thinking about ways to make simple drills on the bike both fun and worth doing. This interval session area happens to be close to my office so I can get an hours work out in a snappy and meaningful session, no waste! I do 4 circuits when I only have an hour. I do more if that is how the workout is written. I can do this for you too! Take the worry out of your work outs and allow Power Team Coaching to develop a working plan that is just for you.
The streets where a bit wet so I knew once I'd arrive to my training destination I will need to roll the route to make sure it is safe. Yes well it was not. In one of the round-a-bouts I went down and it HURT! Got up rolled the remainder of the route to found another bad spot. Good thing I am a flexible thinker and adjusted the route and changed how I would roll the sprints. I am a firm believer you need to be mentally flexible so you can still have the quality work out you had planned. This also helps in races. The peloton can change quickly so you must be prepared. All said and done I rolled the workout and had a blast! Yes I really have fun pushing the envelope. Here is some film of my interval. PTC Interval session Remember If you need a comprehensive plan developed for you PTC will perform for you. 

Just Some Fun Continued

OK found some time. This past Saturday there was a KCBC Racing Training day, well I need to train so I invited anyone who wanted to roll with me. KCBC Racing members Kyle, Adam, Mark joined in the fun and Kevin a friend of the peloton. See our nice Bar Mitts! really they rule the road for those cold days. My hands sweat.
The day started crisp 26 with a feels like 16 but who cares the Sun was high and so was I!!! My plan was 77 but with changing plans of the day we cut the ride to 63. Still a good roll in January. I shot some film on the ride. Not to much fun but some film. short film The wind seemed to stay in our faces with the exception when we turned East on HWY 56 into Edgerton, wow that was a nice roll. Someone said we hit 28 or so! I did not care really I was looking for the city sign~. I lead the train out for a bit on this 4-5 mile section but I knew someone would roll up in front and pull me along. Did I take full advantage? Heck yes. Mark the silent come from behind to get you had rolled back with Adam. I hung onto Kevin's wheel as he kept pushing it and pushing it. Kyle I was not sure where he was and whala the sign came closer and I just punched it a little bit and took the sign. Mark said nice move Ruder! "Adam and I where playing tiddly winks back here and did not notice the sign". All good fun. Rolled south out of Edgerton to get a nice view of Hills Dale Lake. A very nice scenic area if you get the chance roll it! I had to put this little film spot in it was way to funny!
Carbon Bar Mitts
It was a good ride all around. I hit this wall with 12 mile left in the ride. Sucking wind is not what I like this close to race season but it gave me the incentive to get out and work on those things I need to to be ready come race day, February 25th, 2012.
If you need personal time with a coach who will help you achieve your Goals let POWER TEAM COACHING Help lead the way. Teams or groups are welcome just give me a shout.

Held hostage

It has been a crazy week. Lots to write about and needing time to sit and purge the mind. Setting in a remote location eating a Nutela snd honey sandwich gathering my thoughts about today's pain cave, followed by an interesting interval session.
I took a bit of film after I hit the pavement, bummer it would have made long lasting film fun!
I will finish my film taken this past weekend to follow up that conversation I started I'd said I'd Finnish.
Until then, have fun in what ever you do today!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just some fun

No time to do a nice write up on today's KCBC Racing and Friends of the peloton ride but it was fun of course. I will write a bit later today and I will have film of the fun!
We had a blast. Temp was 26 felt like 16 but after the twisted sisters we where warm and ready to roll. By the way Bar Mitts rule!!!

Hope you to had a chance to ride today.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stress Relief

Office attire
I have been away for a few days trying to get mind and many things in order. With so many different things happening around me they all seem to add extra stress.
Today I finally had a solid opportunity to get back to my training and stress relief.
Fun rollers
Cycling for me has been a way to cope with the large and small issues that arise in our everyday lives. Be it family, work, group associations, meetings or that dreaded unexpected issue. I have been able to sort many thing out while on my rig(bike). All that being said, I rolled out feeling like nasty. Not really sure what it was just a funk. Mind was full of the different meetings I attended on Tuesday from early morning to a very late night. I did not sleep well because I kept wondering if, how, what, you get it just trying to make the best sense of the day. So while trying to sort all those things out and wondering why I was not feeling good it concerned me mainly because stress is where it all starts. Even though I was feeling funky I kept on rolling and decided I would alter my route just a bit if I did not start to feel better. I rolled to 191st street stop sign, made the left turn, looked down the road, spotted a few killer rollers and I started to feel better. I am not sure what it was but when you feel good why try and figure it out, just JUMP! My route today was not crazy but was a hill interval with some just riding you know fun stuff. My Ride
Taking photo while riding not suggested!
Hills, I do not likes them so I ride them, embrace them and have fun. With this good feeling going I felt like I was actually doing what I set out to do, feel better and DE-stress.
OK final leg home and GOD was looking after me today. You know you should ALWAYS roll with your head up! Well the two ladies in there nice blue Jeep Cherokee had a nice hello for me. Yes rolling north on Ridgeview just past 183rd where I was going to turn but did not, this vehicle came screaming out of the drive-way that was some 20 yards long, barreled out on the road close enough to me my left hand landed onto the rear tail light. I yelled a nice pleasant word or two as they both jumped so high I thought they hit there heads on the roof. They polity shifted into drive and sped a way fast.
So stress gone and re appeared, but not for long. I was OK and the day was looking better. Decided to hit my crit interval area for a few sprints to cap off the ride, crazy I know but hey I was right there and I had cut 5 miles off my ride. Made it home safe. Saw my wife had text-ed me, "have you made it home safely yet". Funny the text time was real close to the time I encounter Cherokee Terror!

Coach Ruder

Monday, January 23, 2012

GRAVEL! Anyone?

PTC recommends gravel for GREAT Base training. Get your gravel on! This is also part of the Guru's Gravel Grinders calendar. You may even hit YouTube!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Year in Review

Saturday 1-21-2012 I Mark Horn, Dan Schaeffer and Adam Roeser traveled to Lawrence for the KCA's Annual banquet. [Kansas Cycling Association]. Mark Horn received the KBCXR, [Kansas City best all round Cyclocross racer] in the Single Speed division.
Congratulations Mr. Horn!

Our discussion on the way home lead us to other outstanding accomplishment that seem to be as note worthy but do not get the same attention they to deserve. For example, do you know who won the Kansas State tile in and Road masters or CAT events this year. We celebrate the KBAR / KBAT /KBCXR/KBCXT but at the banquet we do not honor the other State Champions or even mention them. I am not going to list them all here but Honer a few who race with me, ride with me and put up with my crazy but worthy workouts.

KCBC Racing this past year has a team mate who won The Kansas State Crit Race in the CAT5 division, Dan Schaeffer. Dan also pulled a double header and won the Kansas State Road Race, CAT5 the following day.
Congratulations Mr. Schaeffer.
By the way Dan did move up in Category so look out!

In Cyclocross KCBC Racing team mate Tyler Steele in his first season racing anything let alone Cyclocross took the third step in the Kansas State Cyclocross race in the CAT4. Now a CAT3
Mark Horn took the second step in the Kansas State Cyclocross step in the Single Speed event, in what I was told by him and Roger William [Now with GO! Team Racing and the first place winner] was the best fought event of the year or years!
Clip of the final section of that race. http://player.vimeo.com/video/33636188?
I congratulate all for an outstanding season.
I want to also congratulate KCBC Racing for and outstanding 2011 cycling season.
Look for more fun on the road for this Team in 2012.

Coach Ruder

Friday, January 20, 2012

MapMyRide.com - Road Cycling - Interval Training: PTC-Schaeffer Crit on 01/20/2012

MapMyRide.com - Road Cycling - Interval Training: PTC-Schaeffer Crit on 01/20/2012

PTC Services

Wow or what I think is cool is the Flying Pig, so Wee, Wee, Weeeeeee!

I have been asked about the Coaching service I offer.
We, YOU and I tailor each service to your specific wants or goals. Realistic Goals. We will talk!
If YOU want to be a better swimmer, cyclist, runner or a combination of any of these I will tailor to fit your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual needs.
If YOU want to just get fit so you can play in the yard with your children or grandchildren I will tailor to FIT you!
If YOU want to ride that first Century, finish better at the club ride.
If YOU find you are in the area of Elite but need that extra focus.

Basic requirement is a 12 week commitment.

Let Power Team Coaching take a dream, make it a Goal and let us TEAM up.
Together Everyone Achieves More = TEAM
Find me on Twitter @PTCRuder
Text me 913-523-3696 and tell me who you are.
E-mail me luginbillruder@att.net

Coach Ruder

More information about Me

Thought I'd share a bit about me. I am sure you would want a fair understanding of who you may TEAM up with to entrust yourself to the training practices of a complicated man.

I had this long note typed out and deleted it. Simple I say, keep it simple!

I hold the office of VP of the Kansas City Bicycle Club, the Racing Chair. I have held this office for two years, this will be my third. I set on the committee to help merge the Johnson County bicycle Club and KCBC.
The KCBC Race team has grown to be a driving force in the peloton. Oh I am the Coach!  Click on the KCBC link and check out the race results page. KCBC Rolls!
For 2012 I will be GO! TEAM Racing's consultant and ride guide for SPIN! Pizza rides.

I have been in Aquatics for, lets say a long, long time. I was a graduate assistant at Wichita State University in the  Aquatics department where I gained valuable skills to help anyone learn to swim. I have coached, taught and mentored over 2000 people and that could be an under estimate. My longest swim to date is 11,1111yards. Completed this on 11-11-2011.
I do open water swimming and clinics. Look for more information to come on clinics.

Run, this has become a passion I did not know I would ever do but I have embraced it and taken it further than I could have imagined. I like to run on unpaved trails the most. The farthest race I have run is 50k. The farthest I have run in one week was 50 miles. One month I ran more miles that I rode!
Over in the Film section you will find my Run Tot Run film and Flat Rock 50K. I am sure you will find them inspiring. I to know how to suffer and how to not suffer.

Trail running Click on the Trail Nerds link and check out the races / events they have planned this year.

Check back often as I update this page when ever a new idea pops into my brain.
Chat with you again soon!
Coach Ruder

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I started writing in a journal some 4-5 years ago and on December 13th 2011 I decided I was done and quite cold turkey! So in my own insane mental capacity I decided with the start up of Power Team Coaching I would share by this medium.
See It was hard for me to break a habit I started. You know the saying do something every day for 7-10 days and a new habit will be formed. This is not like smoking, well maybe! Na more like an expression of my self.
So Hopefully you will find inspiration in what I write, try and figure out why I write and learn about fitness, training and our endless pursuit to be the best at what ever we do.

I reclaimed a  fitness area in What has become the Pain Cave the first of the year. The Cave has become quite crowded these days. I have to schedule with the wife when she is in the Cave. You build it they will come! You lead and they will follow.
All good things. Anyway today's PC activities was lead by a 10 min abdominal session, followed by a decline push up while the hands rest on two different sized balls, one is squishy. 2 sets of 10. 10 min abdominal session another round of push ups. 2 sets of kettle-bell standing leg lifts 30 sec each, and leg kicks with balance ball in one hand. I took film but it would not publish so I will try later this week to get some film up.

By the way if you are interested in being better on the bike, the run or in the pool Power Team Coaching will get you to that next level.