Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I started writing in a journal some 4-5 years ago and on December 13th 2011 I decided I was done and quite cold turkey! So in my own insane mental capacity I decided with the start up of Power Team Coaching I would share by this medium.
See It was hard for me to break a habit I started. You know the saying do something every day for 7-10 days and a new habit will be formed. This is not like smoking, well maybe! Na more like an expression of my self.
So Hopefully you will find inspiration in what I write, try and figure out why I write and learn about fitness, training and our endless pursuit to be the best at what ever we do.

I reclaimed a  fitness area in What has become the Pain Cave the first of the year. The Cave has become quite crowded these days. I have to schedule with the wife when she is in the Cave. You build it they will come! You lead and they will follow.
All good things. Anyway today's PC activities was lead by a 10 min abdominal session, followed by a decline push up while the hands rest on two different sized balls, one is squishy. 2 sets of 10. 10 min abdominal session another round of push ups. 2 sets of kettle-bell standing leg lifts 30 sec each, and leg kicks with balance ball in one hand. I took film but it would not publish so I will try later this week to get some film up.

By the way if you are interested in being better on the bike, the run or in the pool Power Team Coaching will get you to that next level.

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