Friday, January 20, 2012

More information about Me

Thought I'd share a bit about me. I am sure you would want a fair understanding of who you may TEAM up with to entrust yourself to the training practices of a complicated man.

I had this long note typed out and deleted it. Simple I say, keep it simple!

I hold the office of VP of the Kansas City Bicycle Club, the Racing Chair. I have held this office for two years, this will be my third. I set on the committee to help merge the Johnson County bicycle Club and KCBC.
The KCBC Race team has grown to be a driving force in the peloton. Oh I am the Coach!  Click on the KCBC link and check out the race results page. KCBC Rolls!
For 2012 I will be GO! TEAM Racing's consultant and ride guide for SPIN! Pizza rides.

I have been in Aquatics for, lets say a long, long time. I was a graduate assistant at Wichita State University in the  Aquatics department where I gained valuable skills to help anyone learn to swim. I have coached, taught and mentored over 2000 people and that could be an under estimate. My longest swim to date is 11,1111yards. Completed this on 11-11-2011.
I do open water swimming and clinics. Look for more information to come on clinics.

Run, this has become a passion I did not know I would ever do but I have embraced it and taken it further than I could have imagined. I like to run on unpaved trails the most. The farthest race I have run is 50k. The farthest I have run in one week was 50 miles. One month I ran more miles that I rode!
Over in the Film section you will find my Run Tot Run film and Flat Rock 50K. I am sure you will find them inspiring. I to know how to suffer and how to not suffer.

Trail running Click on the Trail Nerds link and check out the races / events they have planned this year.

Check back often as I update this page when ever a new idea pops into my brain.
Chat with you again soon!
Coach Ruder

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