Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Some Fun Continued

OK found some time. This past Saturday there was a KCBC Racing Training day, well I need to train so I invited anyone who wanted to roll with me. KCBC Racing members Kyle, Adam, Mark joined in the fun and Kevin a friend of the peloton. See our nice Bar Mitts! really they rule the road for those cold days. My hands sweat.
The day started crisp 26 with a feels like 16 but who cares the Sun was high and so was I!!! My plan was 77 but with changing plans of the day we cut the ride to 63. Still a good roll in January. I shot some film on the ride. Not to much fun but some film. short film The wind seemed to stay in our faces with the exception when we turned East on HWY 56 into Edgerton, wow that was a nice roll. Someone said we hit 28 or so! I did not care really I was looking for the city sign~. I lead the train out for a bit on this 4-5 mile section but I knew someone would roll up in front and pull me along. Did I take full advantage? Heck yes. Mark the silent come from behind to get you had rolled back with Adam. I hung onto Kevin's wheel as he kept pushing it and pushing it. Kyle I was not sure where he was and whala the sign came closer and I just punched it a little bit and took the sign. Mark said nice move Ruder! "Adam and I where playing tiddly winks back here and did not notice the sign". All good fun. Rolled south out of Edgerton to get a nice view of Hills Dale Lake. A very nice scenic area if you get the chance roll it! I had to put this little film spot in it was way to funny!
Carbon Bar Mitts
It was a good ride all around. I hit this wall with 12 mile left in the ride. Sucking wind is not what I like this close to race season but it gave me the incentive to get out and work on those things I need to to be ready come race day, February 25th, 2012.
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