Friday, January 20, 2012

PTC Services

Wow or what I think is cool is the Flying Pig, so Wee, Wee, Weeeeeee!

I have been asked about the Coaching service I offer.
We, YOU and I tailor each service to your specific wants or goals. Realistic Goals. We will talk!
If YOU want to be a better swimmer, cyclist, runner or a combination of any of these I will tailor to fit your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual needs.
If YOU want to just get fit so you can play in the yard with your children or grandchildren I will tailor to FIT you!
If YOU want to ride that first Century, finish better at the club ride.
If YOU find you are in the area of Elite but need that extra focus.

Basic requirement is a 12 week commitment.

Let Power Team Coaching take a dream, make it a Goal and let us TEAM up.
Together Everyone Achieves More = TEAM
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Text me 913-523-3696 and tell me who you are.
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Coach Ruder

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