Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Year in Review

Saturday 1-21-2012 I Mark Horn, Dan Schaeffer and Adam Roeser traveled to Lawrence for the KCA's Annual banquet. [Kansas Cycling Association]. Mark Horn received the KBCXR, [Kansas City best all round Cyclocross racer] in the Single Speed division.
Congratulations Mr. Horn!

Our discussion on the way home lead us to other outstanding accomplishment that seem to be as note worthy but do not get the same attention they to deserve. For example, do you know who won the Kansas State tile in and Road masters or CAT events this year. We celebrate the KBAR / KBAT /KBCXR/KBCXT but at the banquet we do not honor the other State Champions or even mention them. I am not going to list them all here but Honer a few who race with me, ride with me and put up with my crazy but worthy workouts.

KCBC Racing this past year has a team mate who won The Kansas State Crit Race in the CAT5 division, Dan Schaeffer. Dan also pulled a double header and won the Kansas State Road Race, CAT5 the following day.
Congratulations Mr. Schaeffer.
By the way Dan did move up in Category so look out!

In Cyclocross KCBC Racing team mate Tyler Steele in his first season racing anything let alone Cyclocross took the third step in the Kansas State Cyclocross race in the CAT4. Now a CAT3
Mark Horn took the second step in the Kansas State Cyclocross step in the Single Speed event, in what I was told by him and Roger William [Now with GO! Team Racing and the first place winner] was the best fought event of the year or years!
Clip of the final section of that race.
I congratulate all for an outstanding season.
I want to also congratulate KCBC Racing for and outstanding 2011 cycling season.
Look for more fun on the road for this Team in 2012.

Coach Ruder

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