Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stress Relief

Office attire
I have been away for a few days trying to get mind and many things in order. With so many different things happening around me they all seem to add extra stress.
Today I finally had a solid opportunity to get back to my training and stress relief.
Fun rollers
Cycling for me has been a way to cope with the large and small issues that arise in our everyday lives. Be it family, work, group associations, meetings or that dreaded unexpected issue. I have been able to sort many thing out while on my rig(bike). All that being said, I rolled out feeling like nasty. Not really sure what it was just a funk. Mind was full of the different meetings I attended on Tuesday from early morning to a very late night. I did not sleep well because I kept wondering if, how, what, you get it just trying to make the best sense of the day. So while trying to sort all those things out and wondering why I was not feeling good it concerned me mainly because stress is where it all starts. Even though I was feeling funky I kept on rolling and decided I would alter my route just a bit if I did not start to feel better. I rolled to 191st street stop sign, made the left turn, looked down the road, spotted a few killer rollers and I started to feel better. I am not sure what it was but when you feel good why try and figure it out, just JUMP! My route today was not crazy but was a hill interval with some just riding you know fun stuff. My Ride
Taking photo while riding not suggested!
Hills, I do not likes them so I ride them, embrace them and have fun. With this good feeling going I felt like I was actually doing what I set out to do, feel better and DE-stress.
OK final leg home and GOD was looking after me today. You know you should ALWAYS roll with your head up! Well the two ladies in there nice blue Jeep Cherokee had a nice hello for me. Yes rolling north on Ridgeview just past 183rd where I was going to turn but did not, this vehicle came screaming out of the drive-way that was some 20 yards long, barreled out on the road close enough to me my left hand landed onto the rear tail light. I yelled a nice pleasant word or two as they both jumped so high I thought they hit there heads on the roof. They polity shifted into drive and sped a way fast.
So stress gone and re appeared, but not for long. I was OK and the day was looking better. Decided to hit my crit interval area for a few sprints to cap off the ride, crazy I know but hey I was right there and I had cut 5 miles off my ride. Made it home safe. Saw my wife had text-ed me, "have you made it home safely yet". Funny the text time was real close to the time I encounter Cherokee Terror!

Coach Ruder


  1. Cycling is my therapy also.. Nothing de-stresses like a good hard ride!

  2. I see you did not share your real feelings toward me today!!!! I have waited a long time for someone to actually say what they feel after a good Coach Ruder workout!

  3. Not going to have to worry about that with me!!!