Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lone Elm MTB Short Track

All things new start off a bit slow but those who have been participating know the FUN you are not enjoying! I have been training on the MTB and Cyclocross bike out here at the Lone Elm Park for a few years. Nice secluded park low traffic (NONE) so while training this winter I thought this would be the perfect place to hold a MTB Short track event. Nice well bedded in gravel path that can sustain heavy traffic in all weather conditions. A vast area of grassy sections that the local high Schools run Cross country gave this area the perfect place to hold an event. With a sick mind for FUN I figured I could hold an event and not race/ride the same exact path each time. So far that is true. This past week June 18th I used the grassy infield in the likelihood more spectators would be there as in the past would give them just a bit more time to cheer there favorite rider on. With two sessions remaining and several MTB events coming up this is the perfect mid week tune up. July 2nd will have some fast flattish stretches with a nice hill climb to get you ready for Masons MidSummer Meltdown July 6th.

The final two days are July 2nd and July 16th.
Here are the results from the past 4 weeks.

See you at the races!

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