Monday, July 28, 2014

Skills, Drills and more Skills and Drills

Success is not determined with the winning of a race for all. Some of us Success is accomplishing something we have never tried before. That is what happened this year and at every skills clinic I have taught. Not that I am the best teacher but with the correct tools and state of mind with proper encouragement you! will and can be successful. What some will think is so simple others find frighting. Take for instance all you bike riders, drinking from our water bottle, standing out of the saddle or just riding in close proximity to another rider. It takes skill and self confidence to do all of these things. One this past weekend did all of these things and more. How cool is that!
Here are a few shots of the clinic. I will be hosting more in 2015 so be on the lookout. The clinics are even for you experienced riders who want to be a BETTER cyclist and it will make you better.


What is next for Power Team Coaching! Cyclocross season and more clinics
See you on the Bicycle.
Coach Ruder

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