Thursday, April 10, 2014

To Test or not to Test?

In recent weeks a buzz about instituting drug testing at the local level of cycling events has created a petition and the sale of a T-shirt all to show support for testing in our area. First I agree testing can be a good thing. Some of the issues with said testing is the cost associated. Many feel the cost should not be part of the discussion but in reality it is. Based on the figures we know it costs:

  1. $1,750 USADA would show up to one race and test 3 participants.
  2. $3,500 USADA would show up to two different races and test 3 participants at each race.
Ill do a little math for you. for the 6 people who would be tested it costs YOU and me $583.3333333, yes to test those 6 people. That is just the test. Based on the rules associated with testing the promoter must provide the appropriate area for the test to be conducted. No actual figures for this but an added expense. 
So where do we go from here. If we are going to test we should test them all right. Who do you exclude? 

We all want to see our sport grow in our local community, I know I do. Get a thousand signatures on the petition being cycled around. I signed it. Those thousand donate $3.00 and lets start a program to get more people on bikes and racing. Sell a thousand t-shirts at $20! Ask the local guys who are trying to keep programs alive what $3500 will buy. Want to build a trail? Want to have better race venues and events? Over a period of 5 years to test 30 people that would amount to $17,500! And that is if the costs do not go up. Want to know what can be accomplished with that? I have a few ideas and we would all be better off than trying to chase down those who chose to cheat.

I know many will not agree and that is OK. I know I will catch some smack and that is OK! I like to ride all my bicycles in many different environments and the first is to have FUN and share my passion for the sport.

I hope to see you or ride with you soon!
Coach Ruder

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