Monday, July 28, 2014

Black Bob Cyclocross Clinic

It is that time of year to get yourself ready for my favorite bicycle racing discipline, Cyclocross.
With the Kansas race calendar, bordering states flock to events and other cycling events throughout the months it is becoming harder to hold clinics on weekend. This year I am hosting a two day mid-week CX clinic, August 20th and 27th. Back to my training ground Black Bob Park in Olathe with a few new features I am putting together for added challenge and skill learning. Get yourself ready for the CX season and go to a skills clinic. If your goals in CX are wanting to get closer to the podium skills and drills will help you more than overall fitness. Not that fitness is not part of it. If you and I are of the same fitness level and I can go around corners, hope barriers and get back up to speed faster who is in the front? July and I start my skills and drills now following a good MTB season so I can stay close to the front.
Come see what it is all about. The Black Bob clinic is limited per request of the Olathe Parks and Recreation so get registered now before time runs out.

A few photos from last years event

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