Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year! The same YOU! Will it?

Like many of you on New Years day, hanging out looking at Face Book, twitter or what ever you keep in touch with others in your life. People are looking at new fitness resolutions or looking back at what was to be in 2013 that for some reason or another it just did not work out like one planned.
Some of us are still working on goals we set late in 2013 that we know will not materialize until mid 2014. Are you one of those? I am!
If you are setting new years resolutions are you setting realistic resolutions? Are you challenging yourself or not enough. In 2013 if you did not reach your goal have you looked to what got in your way? If it was an injury what happened? Was it over-training, an accident, or just did not have the right time planed to make it. If you can answer those questions you are already a-step ahead. You have focused on the walls you need to climb or walls to avoid! If you can not answer those questions do you know how to overcome the issues you faced in 2013.

In 2014 you (I) want to be ______________________. How will you get there? "Michael all I want to do is walk around my block. Run/walk a 5k. Ride 200k."
Power Team Coaching will build a plan for YOU! Want to find out what we can achieve together? Contact me for a training session of your choice. Running, Swimming, Cycling or fitness. Want a friend or two to join you I will arrange it. Want to join me on one of my personal training sessions? Contact me we will discuss! Call or TEXT:9135233696

I am a racing Coach. I know what it takes to be in the front and I know what it is like to be in the back. I must work hard to reach my goals and if you know me my goals are HI! I have a family, career and a background in Ultra Trail racing, long distance cycling, long distance swimming or just being fit for daily life. I can help you stay healthy and fit while planning around the other items that are important in our lives.
I too had my issues in 2013, but I also had good times. All things that have made me stronger and eager to get back in the game. What game do you want to play in 2014!

Below are a few shots of my year in review! Try something new in the new year. If what you did last year was the same as the year before make the change. Take on a new Challenge. READY!!!! GO! READY! GO!

Had to boot a tire
Broken shifter

Dirty Little Secret Kansas State MtB Chamoionship
Down N Dirty MtB Race
Team GripNRip in August 2013. We have grown!

Tough day training broken derailleur, Jogged home
Down N Dirty Pay off!

Masons MidSummer Meltdown

3 min race at Rhetts Run

2nd age group 16th overall!

GripNRip MtB 

GripNRip Road Team ride

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  1. Coach Michael is the encourager you can benefit from. I sure did. I went from never racing/riding a bicycle to Kansas State Champion under his wing. His experience, knowledge and commitment is relentless when it comes to training. Here's to an even better 2014. Now where we riding this weekend?