Friday, March 28, 2014

Ride like you own your space!

Registration is open for all Skills Clinics. The skills clinics have helped many people become more comfortable with their bike and riding in groups. There are many things we can learn about ourselves and our bike while on the bike. Clinics are limited to 16 on-line registration only due to limited slots.
Here are a few photos of  last years events.
Tire Sweep
Two by Two

Emergency Braking

Turning fun drill
The Advanced skills class will be even more fun with a greater appreciation of the skills you will learn and hopefully the skills other riders in your group ride have. All of these skills help YOU be safer and more confident every time you ride.
Jonathan a regular SPIN! Pizza ride attendee had this to say last year after a near tragic crash, " I saw the situation coming so I remembered what Michael had taught us and put the skills to use. With out the knowledge and skills I learned there would have been a terrible crash."
You just never know when the skills learned will come out but the confidence knowing you can be a better rider is painless!

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