Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boss CX 2

After a long debate with myself I decided to put off some house work to go out to the Boss CX race today. The 2nd of 4 events put on by Joe Fox's Cycle City and Crew. Great race and great venue at E H Young Park in Riverside, MO. This venue can change at the drop of a hat and I for one can only thank those who allow us to race there many thank you's.

OK this race is generally fast, like wicked fast due to the terrain. Not that it is easy but you can really roll out there. I had heard the Saturday's race lap times where in the 7 min area and after the pre-rides I know it was going to be fast. Lined up for the Masters 50+ race. It was nice to see so many I know lined up beside me. Then I was wondering what did these guys to yesterday  No worries it was Sunday and my day to race, so lets get it done.
The start was wide open into a nice left hand turn into a straight line shot to a sand pit. I along with 8 other guys came around the corner to see a massive pileup of the M40+ guys. Carnage all around. No figure out how to get around those guys. Bam! ran it and got back on to find I was with the lead fast guys. Made a left into a nice straight area into a nice sharp turn to a straight right hand slant turn back into the other side of the sand TRAP. Piles up there and slow riders so ran that sand also. set the bike down went to get on and bounced the chain off, dang, dang dang. Fixed and now I had to chase back through all those 40+ riders I just passed and they seamed to be going slow, well much slower than I wanted to go. I kept my eye on Andy Lucas, that was my target. Took many chances in that first lap to pass as many people I could. At one time I knew I was spending loads of energy but that is what it was going to take to get closer to the front.
In Cyclocross you just have to gamble a bit and hope you do not make to many racers mad at you but it is CX and if you got a shot you go and beg forgiveness later. Fought hard the whole race and with 4 to go I was passed by another 360 guy. Dang, dang that was third place. kept fighting to stay on the wheel but once again I bounced a chain coming down a steep hill so I had to shift the chain back on. Ouch he got out there fast.
I kept the gas on as to not allow anyone back there to sneak up on me. Fought on to stay in fourth place still a good showing. A few mistakes did not help but we all had a few issues after a nice race debrief. I am happy but not happy with the results. You know when you let a few things you know not to do get into your way that hurts. Fitness is there now to put it all together. It is a long season so I know be patient it will come.

See all of you next weekend at the 360Cup, over in Lawrence.   360cup Flyer

Coach Ruder
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