Saturday, September 29, 2012

Manions CX Coaches Recap!

I did not get the chance to sit down and write about last weekends race Manions Cyclocross. This Venue at the Manions Auction house is and has become a favorite racing place for me. Nestled at the end of a road/street just before the River.
OK arrived early to set up the KCBC Racing pavilion you know with tent and bike rack. KCBC Racing has 12 CX racers now so it makes it fun to see everyone racing all day long. Notice the little Green Dragon, that is an up and coming JR racer.

Signed up for the Masters 50+ race, yes I had to move up due my age. Good times though the masters are wicked fast so no taking it easy for sure. The 40+ guys roll off first and I think the had a 30 or 15 second start which in CX is a long time. Whistle blew and we where off. I really did not know what to expect for many reasons. Last season I raced one event and did what I call poorly. This season I will be able to race a bit more.
Into the first turn, crazy wide narrow 180* turn and Songer and Lucas where up front and I was setting 6th or 7th into the second turn that lead into a nice cement blast for the speed zone into a rough, rough ride onto the main part of the Manions Hill Side.
Being a patent racer can be harmful if you want to be up with the front wicked fast guys but sometimes it can pay off. Took my time and looked at who was in front and waited until I had a good place to pass. Passed in these turns and then down a hill. Wow we are already into the 40+ guys. Bam! a crash right in-front of me. One guy in out group nailed the down rider and I got away clear. Lost lots of speed but managed to get back up to speed. A nice slopping down hill into an off camber-ish turn made it hard to keep the speed but those guys up front had clean air and I wanted to be there. Took some chances coming int the down hill plop, dry part of a pond to find the rest of the front guys. Remembered my 3 sec rule and passed all I could and did not look back. There again up into many more of the 40+ guys. This was a bit weird. I know these guys and they are fast. No holding back say hey and roll on.
Me Chilling after the races
As I worked my way up and past more riders I did not even look to see what numbers they where. All I cared about was passing the next rider, go faster and take more chances. After I had a chance to see I did not have anyone close to me I started to look at who was in-front. I thought I was in 4th or 5th but was not sure. Andy Lucas and I passed each other on different parts of the course so I asked what place are you and he said 2nd! What really! Then I knew there where 4 to go so I started to time the distance between Lucas and I. Saw all the 40+ leaders setting on his wheel, counted 8-12 seconds and that is a good distance. So I kept working to get closer and thought I was with two to go they all picked up the pace, like me. Well it ended well with me coming back from a year off of CX and a fair road season to take a podium spot on my opening CX race. I have lots to work on but my fitness test tested well. Now to keep this going. I have some personal goals this season and this really helped me realize the hard work and training I have been doing will pay off, but you have got to work smarter to get better and stronger.

See you at Boss Cross Sunday

Coach Ruder

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