Saturday, September 1, 2012

Are we Crazy or just love to get Dirty?

A bit blurry with the rain falling down.
While many are finishing up with there Road racing season, many of us are or have been preparing for Cyclocross Season. We have rain and that lends to great CX training. I like to get out and get dirty to test the tire set up for the year just in-case we have rain, mud, snow or a combination of several weather events. 
I invited several to join me today for a bit of mud, wet fun but only one joined me. Ben Henley from GO! Racing. WE had a blast well I know I did. It was one of those days after you hosed off the rig it was your turn. The picture does not show it but it was dirty! The park was under water for sure but it was a great time to see if the tires I had selected would work. Challenge tires are my choice for Cyclocross and Road Racing. Challenge Tires!
Taste of things to come! Grote Prijs 2011

Ben who rode over to practice then rode to work.

Here in the Kansas City metro area that season starts on September 14th with the Buffalo Bill CX. Buffalo Bill CX This was a new event in 2011. I have no real knowledge of this event sorry.

The following Weekend September 22nd and 23rd is the Manions Cross. Manions CX This event started in 2010 and has become a must do event. The venue here offers many sick, sick courses only a crazed individual can think up. Hills is what it is with the trench of death! You just do not know what or where you will encounter the fun and thrill of grass, Barn ride through or if a Lemons start will be part of the event. Only thing I can think of we have not seen here is bad weather! Maybe I Jenked it but what the heck a bit of nasty weather is what the CX fans want to see.

October 6th and 7th brings us the 360 CUP. 360 CUP A new venue, Centennial Park in Lawrence. What I do know is this group puts on a great race so I am sure it will be fun and hard! I'll be there for sure.

October 14th the Cross Off Cancer event will be in Shawnee Mission Park. CX out Cancer This event has been around for 3 years now anyway that is what I remember.

OK that is all I have about CX for now. Look for more in the next month.
Herman CX starts over in ST. Louis September 15th and 16th. Go check it out.

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