Friday, September 21, 2012

Give it up! Now way! Can I?

As you can tell I have not had much to chat about lately. I have been busy getting ready and preparing a few others for Cyclocross Season. A few extra days of training and making sure I get the family taken care of had been a priority. School is back in session so that means much more is happening around my house.

You may know I am a personal trainer at 24Hour Fitness specifically at 119th and Metcalf the Super Sport. I am asking, telling my clients they need to cut back on this, stop eating that you know give it up if you want to make a great stride to reaching your fitness goals.
So I decided I needed to try and give up something I really like and that is coffee. Yes I know it is just coffee but I drink lots. Not the cup or two a day guy but the pots a day guy. Yes that is pots! I tried this in the past with not much luck because I decided I did not need to give this up! Sound familiar?
Some reasons I thought this would be good for me. I do like to study the effects of training, nutrition, lack of nutrition and how this effects the body.
1. I have not been sleeping very well for a long time
2. Practice what you preach
3. It will make a good conversation piece on those long runs
4. Challenge
5. Habits are hard to break so.....

I have reached my 6th day without any coffee or Caffeinated drinks. This has been hard, Yes I admit this has been hard. I am one of those coffee drinkers that will make a pot at 7:00pm just because I want it. Like the person who pulls the Beer, Wine or Scotch out for a drink, I would go for the coffee. Setting in my office it would not be unusual for me to drink a few pots of coffee before 10:00am, then make a little to take with me for later.
I am not at or near the end of my journey for sure. I like coffee's flavor so I need to locate a decaffeinated Coffee that taste good.

Here are my finding as of today.
1. I have slept better the past two nights!
2. So far today I do not have a head ache!
3. I feel OK with out the caffeine
4. Water still tastes the same.

Look for a fallow up on this as I progress further into my study.

See you on the roads, trails or in the gym


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