Friday, October 5, 2012

Coffee! Give it up! Can I?

Hey Coffee lovers and readers. I had taken on the challenge to quit coffee. My own ADDICTION I thought was not allowing me to sleep well, feeling tired through out the day. My way of testing my own ability to quit something I like and what I thought, a vital part of me. Jump forward to today. I have not had a cup of coffee nor have I had any type of caffeinated drink for 20 days, yes 20 days. In some ways I have thought about having a cup of Decaffeinated Coffee but thought going all in was the best for me.
So what I feel like I have missed is that warm feeling coffee brought to me when I am cold, like today. Or just that different taste I want at the end of the day. It has been strange getting up in the morning not walking down stairs to start the coffee pot. Ah found some time to either sleep longer of get up and add 6 new core workouts to my morning! Yes that is it, both, Sleep longer and new core workouts!
Have I had headaches? Yes. Do I still get them? No. It was a hard thing to do at the time. You who smoke or drink other refreshments know what that is like. I would suspect giving up Soda would be more similar to coffee but I think all addictions have there price. It comes down to what we as intelligent people know what is good for us and those around us should be the overwhelming priority, YES?

Some other things I think I have noticed. I am sleeping a little better. My appetite is different. I have lost some weight. The weight lose could be due to a change in my training but I just changed that a few days ago but was on the way to change. I still feel tired through out some of the past days but that could be due to the new training schedule. Overall I feel better. I guess that is the overwhelming result I am looking for.
Much more to come as my training plan for this quarter gets fully loaded. I will be running more and cycling intervals so I know I will be craving that one every so lovely cup of JOE!

See you at the races!
Coach Ruder

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