Monday, October 8, 2012

360 Cup in review

This past weekend was the Inaugural 360 Cup in Lawrence Kansas, Centennial Park. I only raced on Sunday but they had two days of racing, it is CX and it was tough. I lined up in the Masters 50+ again. Got a call up, (moved to the front) for preregistration. Nice to have that line up. Again we blast off and caught the 40+ guys fast. We even asked for a longer time in between the start and well this group is just wicked fast. The course felt like it was set up for the MTB'er with a lot of turns but after awhile it is all the same.
I had my chances for sure but again a few miss ques and the guys up front go fast. It is tough working around all the other racers who are not in your race but are also racing there race. I kept it up right for the most part. I fell one time at the big, big barriers on this up hill section and that is where I let 4th and 5th get away from me. I kept fighting in the hope they had a mishap. The course was fast but some of the flats had the bumps from heck that I was bouncing all over the place. It was hard for me to keep my speed up. Oh well finished in 6th place and I will take it. I will be taking a few weekend off to finish some other items for the family so stay tuned. Much more racing to come and some fun Gravel Grinder rides as well.

Until we roll again

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