Saturday, March 10, 2012


Day one of a 1.5 day clinic was just as expected, Awesome! It is very rewarding to work with a divers group of coaches for any teaching day because we all have a story to tell and some tell your own story better. That is what makes for a GREAT learning environment.
OK but what the heck is with the weather. Forecast for today was spot on. Rain midday throughout the evening. We did not to let a little rain stand in our way to skills teaching and learning. Cool morning and a few sprinkles was good  and manageable. The morning session was built on skills we knew and a reformation of those skills so we can break them down and teach to all levels of cyclist. It is FUN to learn something new about a skill you thought you knew well. Break for Lunch.
Came back from lunch to find a bit of wet pavement! All good and in good spirits we rolled over to the soccer field to do drills in the grass. Bumping, touching, shoulder rubbing, Wheel touching and turning drills. The rain continued so we called it a day and headed back to the class room to debrief and work on class room feedback and teaching assignment for Sunday's session. We are all hopeful the rain will stop so we do not need to finish our clinic in the parking garage! Yes the parking garage. Ride your bike anywhere we say.

Yes I said I'd have film but I just do not have the energy to get it completed. I will need to do this Monday night.
I rolled away from my car this morning, forgot my glasses, turned around to get them and noticed I had a flat tire on my auto. So I spent a few hours dealing with this tonight. I had to dry my cloths for tomorrows outside session so maybe you will allow me a break.
I did get some good footage of some of the skills I will be teaching at a Coaches lead USAC Skill Clinic this spring, summer and fall time.

Thanks for rolling with me.

Hope to see you in my peloton soon.

Coach Ruder

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