Thursday, March 8, 2012

Really! What!

Thought I'd let you know I am still around just been a bit busy the past week. Daughter made the Varsity and JR. Varsity Soccer team at Olathe North, so schedules changed. Added a few more early morning swim lessons with some outstanding Athletes. I continue to write and re-work programs to make me and you better at achieving our GOALS!
I am off to Texas in the morning Friday 3-9-2012 for a whirl wind weekend with USA Cycling Coaches.
Hope to arrive in Allen Texas by 2:00pm, check in, change and roll out for a 48 mile ride in an area I have not been. Looks like an adventure will be written about Friday night.
I plan on taking some photos and film of the training sessions to give you CRAZIES some notice of the fun heading to the KC Area.
OK I need to finish packing that 3:00am alarm is coming fast!

Until next ride.

Coach Ruder

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