Friday, March 9, 2012

I have arrived! Texas that is.

What a trip. Rolled out early am 4:00 to make it to Tulsa to see some people and then roll on south.
Sun was out most of the day until I get to the Texas boarder. Oh well no big deal. Arrive at hotel a bit before 2:00pm. Wind from the north made the day feel cold. Oh the sprinkles did not help either. What to do? Ah I will forgo the long ride I intended to do and decided to ride to the skills session venue. I did not want to get caught out in the rain too far from where I am staying. I'd more than likely get lost anyway.
Not to let a good afternoon get away, I rolled over to the venue and what do I find? Ah yes, interval time baby!
This venue is under development so it has all these streets that connect to make the well perfect CRIT area. I located what I thought was the best place to do a few sprint intervals. 4 hard intervals done and was working  well until the guy in the big truck decided to not stop at the stop sign and scared the you know what out of me. No worries there are plenty of street around this area. So active recovery to another area. Oh yes my favorite! Yes hills and into the wind, even better. Rolled 6 of these bad boys that was enough. Rolled around the area  bit more then rolled back to the hotel. Not sure if it was the KCBC Racing kit I had on but several people rolled up to me and slowed to look. Really I thought they where going to yell at me, but no!
I had a GREAT workout. Some of my special Clients where in my head telling me I needed to get out and put the work in!
Thank you JP and Jason!
Texas Interval

Looks like tomorrow will be cool and a chance for Rain. Good thing I brought my rain tires and wheel set, The Challenge Elite.

I will have film of tomorrows skills. A fun day it will be!

Coach Ruder

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