Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stress!!! Good or Bad?

Stress is defined as an organism's total response to an environmental condition or stimulus, also known as a stressor. Stress typically describes a negative condition that can have an impact on an organism's mental and physical well-being.

I as a professional in the fitness industry one needs to take into consideration the clients needs not only in the psychical but the mental. When consulting with individuals one must ask questions to better understand all the elements of ones life in order to create a program that will allow them success. 
Work type and load,  Family life and dynamics, Extra curricular activities, FREE TIME. The list adds stress to our lives in ways we do not understand until we start to feel the pressure of it all falling down on us. What do we do form here? Sometimes it takes professional help for one to understand just how deep you are in. Sometimes it takes a professional to tell you the hard facts and tell you what you need to do. I to had to have a professional tell me how deep, the hard facts and what it will take to cure!
Here are a few real facts about Stress see up there ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
To much of a good thing can lead to many bad things.
So in fitness and us as high performance machines, we need to take a good look at the stress that is in our lives and find the proper amount to keep us working at our optimal performance {speed}. 
I can tell you by my own experience this past year. Under way to much stress had lead me down the path of sleepless nights, fatigue, apprehension, loss of confidence to just list a few. I hid this from myself for a long time until I decided to do something about it. I knew I needed to clean my plate of many things in my life while trying to streamline my days so I could work toward being stress less! 
I reluctantly eliminated the larger stressor items. Now that I look back plus a week into my personal treatment I can tell you I feel like a new person. I am still busy but I have found a good way to relax and be stress-less.
 The coaching side of me will tell you to be RELENTLESS, PRESERVER, TAKE CONTROL, BE HONEST with yourself and those around you. If those around you do not understand that is fine. It will be about you and the things that really make the most sense.

To end take control now. Be honest. Talk about it. Change what is needed. Be a new you.

Coach Ruder

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