Friday, May 25, 2012

Ironman Texas - - JP and family are Ironmen!

Brian Sharp, Jon-Paul Shores and Scott Sharp, completed the 2012 Ironman Texas event on May 19th 2012. It was an exhausting long day for them and me! Track these guys, between waking up by 5:00am to send last moment inspiration to JP to getting to work by the early morning to graduation party and guests in the house, twitter updates, FB posts Oh what fun!
I can not say enough how Honored I am to have had the opportunity to be so involved in this event in a different light. To be a coach, mentor and friend is tough when you want to be there along the way. I do know the work and dedication it takes to juggle or struggle to get the work in for an endurance event is astronomical. Many sacrifices had been made by all but I know these men could not have come close to completing this event if not for the support group around them. It is a very fine line we as endurance athletes take on to ask our families to also sacrifice with us. Congratulations to all on a fine Ironman Event. What is next? 

More than a REWARD! Life Changing!
I had a wonderful talk with JP today May 25th 2012 to go over the day in a short amount of time. It is refreshing to here great athletes say, NEXT TIME I WILL/WOULD DO...... for training and the event day. This means a great deal to a coach because you know they really have analyzed the day and will continue to draw on those experiences for a life time. What is next for JP? A bit more multisport action and a few things that make sense. SPIN! Pizza Rides, CRIT/Road Races, Cyclocross season are of those things that makes sense and a bit of Trail running. I hope you get the chance to talk with JP about his day.

Coach Ruder!
See you in the peloton or the transition area!

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