Saturday, February 13, 2016

Its CORE time! A re-post because its important!

Dog is not a tool 
I know ugh the dreaded core/trunk workouts that just seem to never get easier, or how do I come up with a good combination that you can see and feel results. What if you had all the core workouts you needed sent too you weekly, monthly? What if you can forget about figuring out how to get that stronger core/trunk you want for that better feeling for everyday life. It's not just about the BIKE! Sorry Bike racer peeps! Core and Trunk fitness is vital to all athletes and the non athlete who just want to get around better, run or swim better. As we age, I know, I am aging, and we need to do more to keep us just moving along to prevent injuries. A good stable core/trunk is a key, well along with eating better and cutting back on the things you know you need too.
The stairs are a tool
Simple tools

If you fallow PTCoaching on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram I've posted a few photos of simple items you can use in your home to get the core/trunk fitness you are wanting. Trust me there are plenty of things you can do in and around your home, I do it most days of the week. Got 10 min? Got 20 min? How about 30 or 60 min? I like the 20/20 a day with one or two 60/60 sessions a week.

Now you can take the guess work out of all this. Power Team Coaching will set you up with all the core/trunk combinations and time differential you need for a successful transformation. Just tell tell me what you need and I will set you up. Want my 20 in 20 min, 30 in 30 or the sweet 60 in 60? Do not have 20 min what about 10 in 10? I have you covered. Want a circuit core/trunk session? I can cover that too and I will send it to your in-box. No thought, no hassle just look at the tools you have and let me put a program together for you. Open your in-box print the workouts and GO! By keeping up on the latest trends I can keep it fresh and fun! I am always experimenting with different ways to take a simple exercise and give it an advanced element. When you are ready to advance or get through the first 12 weeks we can add more challenges.  All NEW athletes program's start with a one hour overview to go over all the exercises.  Sign up now and get started next week.


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