Monday, February 1, 2016

Hang on MTB fans!

So hot off the presses you might have just found out here that after a year of hibernation some great MTB events will be added to the United Federation of Dirt series. My friend and yours Chris Locke
is reserecting a few oldie and goody races to the KC area. There are many event organizers around and Chris and Cow Town Cycling have put on many good ones. So here is the Scoop!
Mark your calendars and get ready to GO!

God's Country Fat Tire Festival
4/16/16 - Off-Road Duathlon
4/17/16 - XC race Lawrence River Trails
Meltdown 2013
Get your start to the Fathers day weekend by vying for a State Championship title.
The Meltdown (2016 Kansas State MTB Championships)
6/18/16 Wyco

As with all events we just need people to come out and have fun. Racing is FUN! Racing is a way to push your self differently than if you just go out and ride hard. The element of trying to go faster than the person in front of you or making sure the person behind you does not pass you adds a different flare to the ride. Well it does for me!

2014 God;s Country Du
I know I will be adding All of these to my race calendar. I wrote a while ago about my gravel training and riding that will go into the MTB season for 2016. One of many great thing about the God's Country Fat Tire Festival is it is the weekend after Gravelleursraid and the weekend prior to Cool Hand Luke Gravel Grind.God's Country will be a great way to freshen up after Gravelleursraid and prefect priming for Cool Hand Luke Gravel Grind.

Miss Bone Bender? Handle bar hang on but Chris is looking at dates now (late summer early fall) too add this in the mix. I missed out on Bone Bender a few years ago due to rain and date change. I have volunteered and officiated at this event in the past. I know you are as excited as I am. Stay tuned for full conformation on this event.

Need help keeping fit or need some personal one on one training give me a call. I work with all levels of fitness form the just getting off the couch to the upper level racer. If you are broken I can also help you get your rehab in order and organized safely.

Coach Ruder

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