Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Olsburg RR - KS State Category Championship

Submitted by: Mark Horn, KCBC Racing

He did it again! Our own Dan "Danimal" Schaeffer won the KS State Category Championship. Last year he did it as a Cat 5 at the Arma RR. This year he did it as a Cat 4 at the hillier and harder Olsburg RR. Congratulations Dan.

The KCBC Team showed up with numbers on Saturday. There were 6 of us in the Cat 4 field of 27. We definitely had the largest team in the peloton, and placed three in the top 10 and 5 in the field sprint.

Dan Schaeffer is now a marked man. The peloton will certainly keep an eye on his location, but whether they will be able to hang with him on a sprint, I doubt it.

Kyle Guinn showed that he can climb, and will be watched by others from now on. Kyle is continuing to get stronger.

Tyler Steele, always known to be a force on the climbs, displayed his increased strength and was there at the end battling for position.

Bret Burgess was chomping at the bit to get off the front and show his TT power. A little more hill work, and Bret will be a Break Away threat.

Mark Horn, after an attack on a downhill section, worked up front to keep the pace high.

Michael Ruder rode a strong race, working up front and guiding the rest of the team. Michael got caught behind some slower riders on the last KOM as the peloton surged, and lost contact. But TT'd his way to the finish.

Overall, very impressive performances from everyone. Each Tam member should be proud of what they accomplished as individuals, and even more proud of what the Team did as a whole. KCBC Racing demonstrated that we are a serious threat, and we have earned a great deal of respect from the other racers for how we handle ourselves before, during and after the race.

Nice work guys. Honored to race with you.


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