Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Race READY! Training! How?

Crazy how thing seem to get out of hand. Training can be one of those things. I like to experiment, so when I ask an athlete who is working with me to do a specific type or style of work out I have tested in the PTC Laboratory. YEP my own guinea pig! I have been experimenting with PERIODIZATION! Wow big word for big results. I have been overloading certain workout sessions in an attempt to see if I can get better gains in a smaller time frame or workout time frame.
I know you are thinking OLD SCHOOL intervals, well somewhat but not the same. Mixing different types of Intervals with very specific duration, intensity, terrain and time of day. As we all know intervals hurt but we do find great gains if done properly. So this past week was my last week of a four week session. Today 4-21-2012 I am COOKED. Now for a few days of rest and then a nice group ride to see if my experiment has paid off.
This next weekend 4/29/2012 I will be racing Joseph Sheehan so this will be the final TEST. Not looking for a win, but would be nice, just looking at it from a fitness standpoint.
I hope to see you in the Laboratory soon!

Results will be posted by May 1st.

Coach Ruder

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