Thursday, August 23, 2012

Skill Camp 2012

I am a bit slow writing about the Skill camp I held this past Sunday the 19th. 16 registered and 10 showed to learn more about how to be a better cyclist. The day starts like any other event, paper work the normal, wonder what we are going to do!

I took some film but it was not very good so it was a good thing I took a few photos.
The day started with straight line drill. Yes just what it is riding your bike in a straight line. EASY, not that easy. Now try riding in a straight line while doing something on your bike! Ah that becomes a bit more interesting. I can drink and use my water bottle. but can you drink form you non dominant side and still stay in a straight line? What I heard was, WOW that is not as easy as I thought, OOO tough, I thought I could do this, and they all did. A bit of practice and they all learned a new skill. The class is a progression that takes us from those basics to more challenging things like touching, looking behind you and riding on the side of the bike, Yes you can ride on the side of you bike, in a straight line!
Really this was a great group of like minded people learning more about themselves and there bikes then they knew before the start of the day.

We had lunch at SPIN! Pizza then proceeded to go on a short ride. It is a bit hilly in the Lenexa area but that was what the afternoon was about, hill climbing techniques. I know eat then do the hill work! Yes what fun.
We all had a nice hill interval workout. Loads of huffing and puffing, even for me. We wound down the hill ride and rolled to the home base and had a general bike maintenance time. All good fun and I believe we all learned a thing or two.
Want to have a great time, learn a thing or two about your riding ability? Next Skills Clinic is September 30 2012. You can find more information and register here ---> USA Cycling On bike skills Camp

Hope to roll with you soon!
Coach Ruder

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