Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bonk Hard Racing - The OGRE (Ozark Gravel Road Expedition)

Bonk Hard Racing is in its 8th year of delivering top quality Adventure Races and Outdoor Events in the Midwest.   

In 2013, we are adding an epic Gravel Grinder - The OGRE (Ozark Gravel Road Expedition), 150 miles (note 150 OZARK miles) of gravel, hilly, winding back country roads.  It will be a beast!  Those seriously considering riding in The OGRE need to place their name on the invitation list now. 

By notifying others of Bonk Hard Racing events,  your business, clubs, and organizations can increase traffic, sales, and promote your services and goods to outdoor lovers who will train, gear up, and participate. 

We hope you will consider sharing information regarding The OGRE with others.  

Electronic race information for The OGRE can be found at: Feel free to link, blog, facebook, tweet, and share with teammates OGRE information.   A printable flyer is located under the "Flyer" section and can be posted at your location or distributed as you desire.

Other upcoming races of interest such as The Wakarusa Off-Road Challenge, The Berryman Adventure,  and The Perfect 10 Rogaine can be located at:  

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